What Is The Law of Vibration

What Is The Law of Vibration & How Does It Work?

The Law of Vibration is one of the most beautiful and interesting Laws that govern our Universe. Metaphysics is the study of what is beyond what our eyes see and our senses capture. Metaphysics goes in search of Truth and Truth is nothing but what remains, what is indestructible, what does not change, what is immutable, is a word, Truth is what we call God, other Unique Cause of the Universe, Great Architect, Brahma, Allah, Jehovah, etc. The name does not matter, the Principle or Being that we seek Himself.

Each one carries within his mind, within himself, his conception of God. Each brain is a filter through which ideas pass with more or less purity, so some grasp of God a broader view and others a more limited idea.
Let us remain silent, that inner silence, where no intruder thought must penetrate and let us wait. Someone, there in our Inner Sanctuary that we have just discovered will tell us something. This is the first step towards metaphysical prayer.

In Metaphysics we know that "THE CALL OBLIGES THE ANSWER," this answer will inevitably come to us if we wait with fervent and loving faith. It is a way to start the meditation exercise, for which we should try to obtain, first of all, the gift of mental concentration. This consists in isolating oneself mentally from everything external, concentrating the thought in the internal search and not allowing that thought of another nature, that is not the feeling of being before the Divine Presence, sneaks into our mental estate.

Continue the concentration for as long as you can, calmly wait for the illumination that has to come to you.

We must know what the fundamental laws are and how they work, on which all the other physical and earthly laws that govern our lives depend, because they are like sublayers that are subordinated to them, in order not to challenge them recklessly, putting us within their field of action in a unique way, but studying them, respecting them, using them in our favor, that is, taking advantage of the positive part of their functioning and putting them to work for our good.

The principle or Law of Vibration is based on the following statement:


This Principle contains the truth that everything is in perpetual motion, that nothing remains static, both things already confirmed by modern science. Although it is now when the so-called science comes to discover that everything is in continuous movement, we must tell you that this Hermetic Principle was made known a few thousand years ago by the Masters of Ancient Egypt.

This principle explains the differences between the various manifestations of matter, mind, force and even spirit, which are nothing but different vibrational degrees. From the All that is a pure spirit to the most coarse or low matter, everything is in vibration; the higher the vibratory rat, the higher its position on the scale. The vibration of the spirit is of an infinite immensity, so much that it can practically be considered as resting. At the other end of the scale, there are forms of very dense matter, whose vibration is so weak that it also seems to be at rest. Hence the aphorism that says:


From the corpuscle and the electron, from the atom and the molecule to the star and the universes, everything is in perpetual vibration. This is equally true concerning planes or states of energy or force, which is no more than a specific state of vibrational intensity, as well as corresponds to mental or spiritual planes or states. An accurate understanding of this principle enables the person to control their mental vibrations, as well as those of others.

Everything in nature remains in a perpetual state of motion. Even where we see an apparent immobility, say in a piece of lead, we must remember that in that piece of lead there are trillions of trillions of atoms, whose infinite smallness makes them invisible for the human eye; but if we apply the appropriate devices, we see how each atom is composed of a center or nucleus of light and that around it, conveniently separated from each other, incessantly rotate electrons, without stopping for a second. It means that in the piece of dark, massive, seemingly motionless lead, there is vibration, low, yes, but there is vibration, it is in continuous movement within itself, that is, each atom that composes it is in circular vibratory movement, without stopping even for a fraction of a second.

We will observe that each atom, the smallest particle of matter discovered to this day, is a miniature planetary system, a faithful and exact copy in the microcosm of what in the macrocosm represents our Sun (the nucleus) and its planets (the electors), spinning around We know that our planets revolve around themselves, in rotation and around the Sun, in their translation movements.

We know that the Sun in turn rotates on itself in its rotation movement and also has an action of translation, that is, that it also rotates around something, that in this movement drags us with it, and that something around which it rotates, in turn, has the same movements of rotation and translation, turning in turn around another something that attracts it, and so we go into infinite movements of rotation and translation, that is, circular vibratory movements, always moving in that direction, from the infinitely small (for now) that is the atom, to the infinitely higher, that is, the Cosmos with its systems, its galaxies, its constellations and continuing through there until reaching what unknowable.

I say that the infinitely small thing discovered by man until now is the atom because it is suspected, that even within the atom, reproductions of it can be found, in smaller scale still. But until then we have arrived, for now. I say that the infinitely small thing discovered by man until now is the atom because it is suspected, that even within the atom, reproductions of it can be found, in smaller scale still. But until then we have arrived, for now. I say that the infinitely small thing discovered by man until now is the atom because it is suspected, that even within the atom, reproductions of it can be found, in smaller scale still. But until then we have arrived, for now.

We have that the first vibratory movement observed in the matter is an ellipse. Now, when that change increases in speed - it is what we call "frequency" - the ellipse unfolds into waves. The "frequency" is the number of vibrations that occur within each wave, in a particular time.

When the "frequency" is very high, that is, they vibrate at a higher speed, the atoms take on a wavy rhythm, that is, the circle opens in the form of a wave. By taking this wavy rhythm, the atoms separate at a greater distance from one another, resulting in a less dense matter; thus the light waves are produced; the transition between the solid matter and the impalpable, that is, the gaseous or ethereal. In this way, we have the Hertzian waves, the infrared waves, the X-rays or Roentgen, etc.

When this movement acquires higher intensity, as it becomes faster, the form taken by the vibration is imperceptible to man. The wave is all energy, it is the force that we call by the name of electricity, that we know, that we have studied, channeled and taken advantage of, but that nobody has ever seen or knows what it is; Not even the most significant sages in electronics can tell if they have mass or not, or what they are made of, or what they are. We only know its effects, and because of this, we know that it exists.

The man, elevating his mental vibratory rat, by means of the purity of life, of the concentration and union with the Divinity through prayer, manages to escape from the third dimensional plane in which he regularly lives and passing to a higher vibratory plane, rises; It is the phenomenon known as "levitation".

We must remember that all matter, everything, absolutely everything, including ourselves, is composed of atoms.

Each person or thing has a particular vibrating rat. In dense matter the vibration is approximately circular; in the less dense, intangible matter for our bodily senses, the vibration unfolds into waves.

In the spiritual field, vibration manifests itself in the form of a high-frequency wave. All matter, obeying the Law of Vibration executes two rotating movements, one in which it revolves on itself, attracting towards its center (centripetal force) another one in which it rotates around something, radiating outwards.

We by Law of Vibration attract and radiate. When we attract something or someone towards us we are consciously or unconsciously using an energy called MAGNETISM; we are like a magnet, we are attracting, pulling toward us, towards our center, that something or someone we are touching with our magnetic centrifugal vibrations.

At the same time and by the Law of Vibration, we are also radiating from us outward, that same magnetic energy, which in the end is nothing other than our electricity.

The one who only uses the centripetal vibration, which all tries to draw him towards himself, towards his center, that is, that just looks towards his navel, as it is vulgarly said, the egoist, in a word, that has a low vibratory rate, does not radiate , it only tries to attract towards its center and always attracts its similar, that is, another selfish one. Then the person who feels and acts like this becomes a stationary center, does not evolve.

On the other hand, the one who, by using the Law of Vibration, also uses the centrifugal force in a balanced way, that is to say, that radiates something outwards, that tries to give and give itself, radiating towards the world and towards everything that it is formed by all the good that it can, that is using the force of translation, that person who thus acts moves, walks, advances; the other, in a certain way, parks or advances very slowly.

We must use the 2 movements, just as the planets do. We must begin by concentrating our attention towards ourselves, towards our own center, grooming, embellishing, feeding our four lower bodies: physical, mind, emotion and memory , that is, the subconscious.

We must cleanse our physical part, cleanse and nourish our mental and emotional body, providing them with high vibrations of beauty (concerts, poetry, art in all its manifestations, etc.) and if we are very emotional, try to get out of the emotion to become sensitive .

The emotional person is the one who is willing to cry for everything.

Whether he attends a film or play more or less sad as if they tell him something painful or witness something of what they call a tragedy. This person responds to these always crying or accompanying others to mourn, without trying to provide any relief, and so, instead of being one who complains, there will be two and stop counting if a few of these emotional, then it is a weeping crowd that is present.

This is not constructive; it is not positive, it is not good.

We should not accompany anyone to mourn, nor should we accompany you in cursing or criticizing, etc.
In all these cases we must try to get out of that state to those we see who are in it and pass it to a constructive vibratory rat, with a higher tone.
We must radiate positivity.

In a funeral usually speaks of the last moments of the deceased, what he suffered, "the horrors that made him doctors" and things like that, while crying to tears lose.

The metaphysician who is present in such a case must polarize the environment by making a change of conversation, taking the mind of the mourners to a more positive ground, changing their mental tone, remembering, for example, the beautiful person who in his spiritual aspect was the deceased, magnificent qualities, how well behaved in this or that circumstance, finally bless your light and wishing him now is in a higher plane of life, enjoying the goods and beauties that by "Law of Correspondence" le It corresponds to harvest. You will see how the tears stop and even a slight smile is outlined in the face of the mourners.
This irradiation can be positive or negative.

There are people who do not know how to speak but of calamities and they irradiate low vibrations that contaminate everything they touch.

On the physical plane, for example, the one that does not cleanse, radiates bad smells, everyone avoids it, becomes repulsive. On the other hand, the one who breathes pleasant perfumes, smells clean, sings, makes music and is always cheerful, radiates good and without even proposing to become a magnet, he becomes attractive, attracts his person to others, that is, that attracts and emits at the same time. It is the best form because thus the individual establishes his vibratory balance.

Positive thinking vibrates in high frequency; its colors are clear, bright, luminous.

Negative thinking vibrates slowly, and its colors are opaque. The more negative, the darker and the lower the "tone" of their sound.

Positive thinking in the mind that is polarized on a positive plane cannot be dominated by a low vibration unless there is some negative concept or idea "caught" somewhere in the individual.

The positive pole, we have already established, is of high vibration.
The negative pole, of low vibration.
The low sounds are of slow vibration.
The high sounds, high vibration.
Dark colors are low frequency and high-frequency bright colors.

Everything that is matter is always in motion, spinning around something more significant. This is the universal pattern for everything material. The Hermeticists have always taught the vibratory movement of light, heat, magnetism, the cohesion that is the principle of molecular attraction that we commonly call "Love," as well as that great mystery called "gravitation" or "universal gravity."

Today everyone knows the relationship between movement and sound. There are very few who have considered its importance.

Who has not heard the buzzing of an electric fan spinning at full speed? The rotation produces different musical sounds.

A passing plane emits a musical sound from which several other tones emerge. These are called "harmonics," as is known by musicians. When a musical note is struck, say on a plane, the vibration affects two other notes in higher octaves and covers an extensive circuit vibrating in the same notes to the musical instruments that are within its radius of action; many times when playing a note on the piano it vibrates even in inaudible tone to all the pianos of the neighborhood. The tones that sound a third and fifth note of the tone struck. This harmonic combination is called "the major chord," usually.

The human ear does not perceive the sound but when it vibrates within a scale of vibrations for which it is confirmed. This ranges from a low number of vibrations (16 Hertz) to a high number of vibrations (2000 Hertz). Above or below you can not hear anything.
All ears are not shaped in the same way; in humans, it has its scale, in animals too. The dog, for example, perceives with its ear sounds that the man does not hear, below 16Hertz, called infrasound; while bats can hear above 20000 Hz, ultrasound.

The same goes for the sight and the other senses; all are subject to a scale within the Law of Vibration. When something begins to spin it begins to emit a sound perceptible by the human ear. After the frequency that the human ear can perceive, that is, the vibration is accelerated, nothing is heard anymore, but you begin to understand degrees of color, starting with the dark red.

As the speed increases, the color becomes brighter, then it changes to orange, then to yellow, from there to green, to blue, to indigo, and finally to violet. If the speed continues to increase it becomes incandescent white, from then on the vibration escapes the vision of the human eye and the range of invisible rays, such as ultraviolet, the so-called X-rays, and gamma rays.
From then on the vibration follows in mental and spiritual planes.

Einstein said that the more he studied electricity the closer he got to the spirit. For humans these planes remain inaccessible, they belong to the subtle planes where our Astral, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies reside.

Moods vibrate and release vibrations in sounds and colors into space. All the mental states are thrown out of the body that creates them; they strike hitting bodies like the vibrations emitted by musical instruments, and these human vibrations affect, in good or evil, other minds, increasing the emotional and mental states that They are in tune with them.

For example, if someone gets angry, he releases vibrations of anger, which are magnetically attracted by another who is also angered, thus increasing one another. In a negative emotional state, worsened by vibrations that come from outside, you can get to the crime when the affected people do not have the habit of controlling themselves.

That is why we know that the Earth is currently opaque, is not radiating its spiritual Light and is not giving its harmonic note within the concert of the spheres; This is due to the negative vibrations emitted by millions of beings, negative vibrations with which the astral body of the planet contaminates an entire humanity surrendered to materialistic debauchery, with a mind polarized towards ambition, rivalry, hatred, selfishness, etc.

The thoughts of love, of generosity, of fraternity; the thoughts and ideas about God and his wonderful attributes, with respect to the Great Masters of Wisdom, about the Higher Self, above all the noble, all the pure, that develop in man his desire for union with the Divinity, develop in Being very high vibrations.
The higher you think and feel, the higher you vibrate. These high vibrations have the power to raise from the plane any negative vibration that is manifested by another person, being able to cure diseases, solve problems, etc.

Feeling and mind form the soul, the basis of what we call personality.
Everyone acquires or is vibrational energy and always acts under that equation.
A great musician who directs a chamber concert or any score of the Greats of Music, radiating beauty is radiating his personality, his soul, magnetically, through very high vibrations, vibrations that touch the emotional field of those who listen to them. Vibrate also in a high tonality.
Music according to its class ascends or descends on the vibrational scale. It does not produce vibrations of the same frequency a Beethoven Symphony, that a tango or a bolero, for example.

That vibration called "aesthetic emotion" is one of the most common ways by which the individual can move from a negative state of consciousness to a positive one.
The aesthetic emotion occurs in the individual when coming into contact with beauty under any of its forms. It may well be the contemplation of a beautiful landscape; the loving picture of a mother and her son; a painting, sculpture, poetry or excellent literary work that elevates us flatly, everything that elevates the mind and takes it out of the lower plane of daily life.

Today, healing is being done through music and colors.

This is nothing new, as the Bible tells us, how David reined in the attacks of King Saul's fury, playing the harp before him.

There are many phenomena that have their explanation in the Law of Vibration, which like all Laws is very extensive, but I believe that with this they have sufficient basis to understand how this Law acts and to define it when they find it executing inexplicable things, for the common the humans.