Law of Rhythm

What Is The Law of Rhythm & How Does It Work?

In the Universe, everything manifests itself in a particular back and forth movement, of ebb and flow, a specific action of oscillation from right to left on which the law of the pendulum is based. There is always, as established by a law of physics, an action and a reaction, an advance and a step back, an ascent and a descent. 

It can be said that each movement, from right to left, of advance or retreat, of ascent or descent, is regulated by a rhythm, which compensates for one movement with the other.

On Earth we have the example of the Law of Rhythm in its highest expression, the tides; they rise at certain times and with a regular rhythm lower others (as established by the law of Universal Gravitation, established by Isaac Newton, the Moon governs our tides).

We have the seasons: winter makes up for spring; to summer-fall. The pulse in the human body is a ticking that comes and goes rhythmically. This movement also manifests itself in its two poles on the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

The Rhythm works closely linked to the Principle of Polarity; it manifests itself between the two poles established by the Principle of Polarity. This does not mean that the rhythmic oscillation goes to the ends of each pole, this happens rarely, but the oscillation is always towards a pole first and towards the pole opposite afterward. There is always an action and a reaction, an advance and a regression, an elevation and a fall, manifesting in all things, universes, planets, men, animals, plants, minerals, energy, forces, mind and matter, and even the same Spirit manifests this Principle.

Beginning with the manifestations of the Spirit, that is, the All, it will be seen that there is always an emanation followed by absorption. Universes are created, reach the lowest point of materiality, that is, condensation of matter and then the oscillation or return begins, so the law of rhythm works in all worlds, they are born, they grow, and they die, only to be reborn from new. It also happens with all things of body or form; they oscillate from action to inaction, from birth to death. It also happens with all philosophical movements, creeds of any kind, nations, governments, etc. They are born, they grow, they reach their culminating point, and they descend until they reach the other extreme, to be reborn again, when the rhythm that governs them, marks the moment. The night follows the day and the day of the night. The corpuscles,

There is no such absolute rest or cessation of movement (the laws of Physics do not allow it). Every action is governed by the Law of Rhythm. This Principle is universally applicable. It can be applied to any question to phenomena of the many phases of life. It can be applied to all phases of human activity. The Universal Pendulum is always in motion. The tides of life flow and reflux according to the Law

Modern Science recognizes the Principle of Rhythm and considers it universally applicable regarding material things. But the metaphysicians know that the Law of the Rhythm works in other planes besides doing it in the material plane, they know that their manifestations extend until the mental activities of the man, and this only explains the great succession of changes and modalities that we noticed in ourselves. This Law applied intelligently, allows us to escape its negative effects, through Transmutation.

The Hermetic Masters discovered that there were two planes of manifestation as far as mental phenomena were concerned. They discovered that there were two general planes of consciousness: The Upper and the Lower and this discovery allowed them to rise to the upper plane and remain in it, thus escaping the oscillation of the rhythmic pendulum that awaited them in the lower plane.

Synthesizing, we can say that they polarized their thinking and their feeling, that is, mental and emotional body, they took them to the Superior consciousness and staying there, they escaped to the bassoon that awaited them when the rhythm manifested in its downward direction. As the rhythm always works. In this way, the rhythmic oscillation of descent, instead of manifesting in the conscious plane of the individual, manifests itself in the unconscious, but his consciousness is not affected.

We call this Law the Law of Neutralization because its operation consists of elevating the Ego over the vibrations of the unconscious plane of mental activity so that the negative oscillation of the pendulum does not manifest itself in the conscious and consciousness cannot be affected by it. It is the same as getting up above something that comes against us and let it go under, without touching us.

The man using the Polarity Law , polarizes himself at the convenient pole and by a procedure similar to "refusing", "rejecting", "not accepting", participating in the retrograde oscillation or if he prefers "denying "Its influence on him, remains firm in its polarized position and allows the mental pendulum to fulfill the Law of Rhythm in its unconscious mental plane.

People who acquire control over the Law of Rhythm do not let themselves be handled by the ups and downs of their feelings. This allows us to have dominion over ourselves and this is what the philosopher Aristotle referred to, when Alexander the Great, presented himself before him exhibiting himself as the conqueror of the universe known at that time, and he replied:


If you succeed, you will dominate everything in the higher mental plane, recognizing the low value of appearances, and the truth of the immutable, which is Good, in ourselves.

As we meditate on the Law of Rhythm, we will understand how it has affected our life in its unfoldment. How to a period of enthusiasm has followed another of depression. We also have periods of value that are supported by periods of discouragement and fear, and this happens with most people; we have tides of emotions and feelings that rise and fall, but we never suspect that we are under the rule of a Law that manifests itself in these phenomena. A Principle or Law can never be destroyed, but the will is a very superior force that can avoid the conscious manifestation of this Principle, since it will always work, but in the unconscious, without hitting us, as if we opposed a shield or a barrier against the hit, it is fulfilled, but it hits where it does not hurt.

This Law of Rhythm has other peculiarities that it is good to know. Within its operation comes what is called the Compensation Law. One of the meanings of the word compensation is to counterbalance, balance, and in this sense, the term is used in metaphysics.

The Kybalion says:


The Law of Compensation is what makes the oscillation in one direction determine that the oscillation in the opposite direction has the same measure and so the rhythm is a balanced rhythm.

In this way, when an oscillation loses strength, it loses it in a balanced approach, at the same time and in the same intensity on both sides. Everything obeys this Law.

There is a law of Physics which states that when any object is thrown upward, and after reaching its maximum height falls to the starting point, in its downward turn has to travel the same way and in the same time as going. The force with which a projectile is thrown upwards is reproduced at the same speed when the projectile returns to the ground. This Law is constant on the physical plane. But the metaphysician takes it even further by asserting that mental states are subject to the same Law. The man able to enjoy intensely is also capable of suffering intensely. He who is only capable of little pain also enjoys little pleasure.

The Law balances the capacity for enjoyment and suffering in each; the Law of Compensation operates widely on the human plane.

The metaphysician goes even further by stating that, before one can enjoy a certain degree of pleasure, it is necessary that before one has oscillated proportionally towards the other pole of feeling or sensation. The negative in this matter precedes the positive, that is to say, that when experiencing a certain degree of pleasure one does not have to pay later for it; on the contrary, pleasure is the rhythmic oscillation, that is, the second oscillation caused by a degree of pain previously experienced, either in current life or previous incarnations, and this throws a new light on the problem of pain.

The hermetic maintains that the Master or the advanced disciple can avoid the oscillation towards the pain, performing the neutralization process of which we spoke earlier. Ascending to the higher plane of the Ego, many of the experiences that reach the inhabitants of lower planes are avoided.

The Law of Compensation plays an integral part in the life of humanity because it will be seen that each person usually pays the price of what they have or lack. Everything has its pleasant and unpleasant side.

The Law of the Rhythm is always manifesting itself compensation, balancing and counterbalancing things continuously, in the succession of time, although the oscillation of the Rhythm is sometimes so broad that it takes whole lives and even several incarnations to restore balance.

As already said "The Preacher" (Ecclesiastes 1,2-11):


what we see happening today and it seems a novelty, that same, with slight variations already occurred several times through the ages and will continue to occur rhythmically in the future.

Everything in Nature obeys the Law of Rhythm, and this Rhythm is so perfect that if it were not so instead of that fantastic order that keeps the Universe functioning as perfect machinery, chaos would be established.

Rhythm is present in everything, without rhythm there is no music, nor is there dancing. Without rhythm, there is no life. The great cataclysms are rhythmic; large continents have disappeared under the waters of the oceans and others have appeared in their place; This has been happening since our planet began its evolution, aspires and exhales continents.

The tides of life flow and reflux according to the Law and thus we see our moods, our feelings, our mental states working in a fluctuating rhythm.

Sometimes we start something with great enthusiasm, according to our ascending rhythm, this excitement is sustained for a specified period, and suddenly without knowing why, we get melancholy, we lose confidence, the matter is that optimism we turn to pessimism, to decay, without knowing how much or why we decline, we feel unstable; then, also without knowing why our morale begins to rise, we react, we no longer see such black things, and we get up again.

Thus we continue to act, between enthusiasm and decay, falling and rising, without knowing that we are obeying the Law of Rhythm ; three steps up and two steps down. When we are taking the three steps up we feel euphoric, we are able to conquer our world; When we take the two steps of regression, we come down morally speaking and that is that we are being handled by a Principle or Law that is immutable and is fulfilled.

But, if we study it and learn to use it positively, just as it is done with the Law of Mentalism and with the other Laws, we easily escape its adverse effects.

These laws are not good or bad, they merely guarantee the harmonious functioning of the Universe (and we are part of that Universe), and it is our knowledge and the use we make of them that qualify them as good or bad for everyone.

We can not annul the Law of the Rhythm or any Law, but we can not agree that once we know how it works, we will be beaten by them when we can use them so quickly and make them our allies, avoiding their negative side and taking advantage of the positive.

We must not allow any Law to take us from here to there, but we must learn to evade its effects to a certain degree, a degree that depends on the domain that we have of that Principle.

When we learn to use the Law instead of being used by it, we take control; we start to polarize ourselves at the point where we want to stay, and we rise above the negative or descending oscillation.

Everyone who has acquired some degree of mastery over himself accomplishes this to a certain extent, consciously or unconsciously; but the one who has received the Mastery does it deliberately and through the domain of the Law reaches a degree of balance, stability and mental firmness almost impossible to conceive by the majority of the people, it comes and goes in a continuous wave movement, always driven by its rhythm.

When the pendular manifestation is in descent, if we cling to the plane of higher consciousness, we will escape the depressive effects of the Law, the oscillation of the pendulum, that is, the mental depression, will manifest in the lower planes of the unconscious mind, but our conscious plane will not be affected.

The operation consists of elevating the Self on the vibrations of the unconscious plane of the mental activity, that is, not paying attention to the depressive that comes to our mind, but to keep us sure that God is with us and therefore everything is fine. In this way, depressions will hit a lake that is not in our consciousness and therefore will not affect us.

When you realize that everything is moving rhythmically, you will learn to be supernatural in the tide of life, and you will always be on the crest of the wave.  

You must always face losses and profits with equal serenity.

Joys and sorrows with the same equity.

Favorable and unfavorable events with equal courage, always upright, with your trust placed in God.

Do not let yourself fall into the negative rhythm and instead learn to take advantage of the favorable rhythm when it is in its rise moment.

Learn, learn, learn to handle yourself with wisdom and you will not cry anymore.