law of polarity

What Is The Law of Polarity & How Does It Work?

This fourth Law/Hermetic Principle contains the truth that all manifested things have two aspects, two poles. These two poles are a pair of opposites with innumerable intermediate degrees between the two extremes. Those ancient and eternal paradoxes that at all times have confused the human mind, such as:



"EXTREMES ARE TOUCHED," etc., are fully explained if this Principle is studied carefully.

The Law of Polarity explains that what exists or separates opposed things is only a matter of degrees, and affirms, that every pair of opposites can be reconciled through the application of this Principle.

On the physical plane, we find that heat and cold, although they seem to be two different things, are the same thing, cold is the absence of heat. The heat is "movement of molecules," so that the molecules can move; the atoms must vibrate, according to the vibrations, whether they are bigger or smaller, we will talk about heat or cold.

There is nothing that is hot or cold, simply indicating the terms "cold" and "heat" different intensities of the same thing, that is, the vibration of the atoms. Put cold and heat one in front of the other, seem at first sight two different things, really opposite each other, being that one can become the other.

I think that this example illustrates quite clearly what the Law of Polarity is and how it works.

This Principle affirms in its Motto:


Thus we see: in front of the cold is the heat; in front of the black there is the white; good is the face of evil; in the face of scarcity is abundance.

When it is said that all truth is relative, or that all truth is a half-truth, it is because there is nothing definitive where there is darkness, little by little the Light penetrates, and where there was darkness there is gloom, and it continues ascending until it ends up having clarity. So that what was dark could be transformed, that darkness was not a definitive truth but a half-truth.

There is never total darkness, always within the atom, there is a center that is Light, and although it is not perceptible to our eyes, darkness is a relative truth, that is, within the darkness the Light lives.

All truth is relative. If any of us takes the direction of the north, either in an airplane, in a train, on foot, or hypothetically it makes a mental trip, always towards the north. There will come a time when always moving forward; you will reach the summit of the North Pole and still traveling ahead, you will no longer be going to the north but to the south. The same happens with the East and the West, that is why it is said that East is West and West is East.

This principle of Polarity always manifests itself within what is the same thing, that is, we can, within what is temperature, find cold and heat, are its two opposite poles, the same happens between soft and hard, between positive and negative, each pole is one end of the same thing that forms the other pole. And walking through the scale of its vibrations we can move from one pole to the other by changing one opposite to the other opposite.

We will never know where the darkness ends or where the light begins; where the bitter begins and where the sweet ends; where hate ends and love begins to be born. They are degrees of transmutation so subtle that we hardly realize how that thing changes from one pole to another, diametrically opposite.

In the Mental Plane, we find that Love and Hatred seem two opposite feelings, utterly irreconcilable. But if we apply the Polarity Principle we find that there is neither absolute Love nor absolute Hate either. Both Hate and Love are but two terms used to the two poles of the same thing, that thing is feeling.

Leaving one pole in the direction of the other, we begin to find less hate and more love, and vice versa. Hate begins to weaken, and as absolute emptiness does not exist, it begins to fill with the opposite feeling of hatred, or on the contrary if we start from the Love pole, and we go in the opposite direction towards that other pole that we could call negative, then we begin to see that every time there is less love and begins to fill the void with something that starts in disgust towards the person, follows by antipathy and may end up going to the end of the pole in something that we know the name of hatred.

There are many degrees of Love and Hate, and there is a middle point where the likes and dislikes are mixed in such a way that it is impossible to distinguish them from each other.

Courage and fear are also under that same rule. The opposite pairs exist in everything. Where we find a thing, we also see its opposite pair.

The latter is what allows one to transmute one mental state into another, following the line of polarity. Love cannot be transmuted in East or West, but it can turn into Hate and Hate into Love changing its polarity. Likewise, the Value can be transmuted into Fear and vice versa. Hard things can be transformed into soft and so on, that is, one pole can be exchanged for the other pole or one can stay in an intermediate degree that is neither extreme nor extreme, always making the transmutation between things of the same kind, but of different degree.

In the case of a cowardly person, if his mental vibrations rise along the fear-value line, he will be filled with courage and despise danger. Likewise the lazy can become active and energetic, polarizing simply along the lazy-diligence line.

With the Principle of polarity, we can observe that the mental changes we want to see in other people (children, spouses, friends, employees, enemies, etc.) are possible by applying the Law.

It is like producing a slide along a scale; it is not about transmuting one thing into another entirely different, but reducing it to a simple change of degree or vibration of the same thing.

Mental states belong to innumerable classes, each of which has its opposite and transmutation is possible along its line.

The Spirit and the Matter are Poles of the same thing, being the intermediate or flat states, the question of vibratory degrees only (Law of Vibration).

These two poles, in everything that exists, are classified by their vibratory degree, in Positives and Negatives. Thus, Love is positive; Hate is negative. Faith is positive; Fear is negative. The Activity is positive; the Inertia is negative. The color White is positive, in relation the Black, negative. Health is positive; Negative illness The Truth is positive; Negative Falsehood The Higher is positive; the Inferior, negative. We must remember that the tendency of Nature is in the direction of the dominant activity of the positive pole.

In addition to the pole shift of our mental states through the art of polarization, the phenomenon of mental influence in its multiple phases demonstrates that this Principle can be extended to encompass mental influences from one brain to another; this is; that mental states can be produced by induction from one person to another.

It is thus possible for a well-trained metaphysician to polarize an environment, a situation. Most of the results obtained through mental treatments are obtained by applying this Principle.

This Principle should never be used in any other sense than the Good, because according to the Law of Correspondence, what we do to others in good or bad, is returned in the same way, sooner or later.

The practice of this Principle facilitates us to better understand our own mental states, as well as those of others and proves to us that these states are only a matter of different vibrations, being able to elevate the internal vibrations at will, changing the polarity and making us owners of those "Degrees" instead of being your servers.

This law allows us to help others intelligently, polarizing situations.

For example:

If a Metaphysician succeeds in entering the room of a sick person, the positive vibrations of his thought change the negative polarity that prevails in the room because the Light always dominates the Darkness; because Good dominates Evil; because the truth distorts the Lie.

The Metaphysician knows that the disease is the lie, that it is the human creation and that the Truth is life and also remembers the words of Jesus Christ:

"ALL AUTHORITY HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH" and with the faith of the one who knows the Truth declares it and will see the Miracle.

For spiritual power there are no boundaries; a destroyed organ, a seemingly incurable disease represent obstacles only to humans. They are less than nothing for Life. If you manage to plug your mind with the Universal Current of Life that is God acting as Life, this Life that is indestructible, and it is foreseen that it will repair itself will do the miracle if human minds do not block it with their false beliefs, fears, fears, negative affirmations, lack of faith, etc.

Both the Positive (The Good) and the Negative Poles (the apparent Evil), act under the same energy; God, everything is from Him, in everything He is, that is why it is called "The Whole."

We have the option to use that energy in the Polo that you choose, that is your free will.

Against your free will, against what you choose, nobody has power, but you. If you choose the Negative Pole you will get everything that belongs to it; If you decide for the Positive Pole, you will also get what belongs to it.

The smile belongs to the Positive Pole; to the negative, frowning. If you want to change polo while in full negative manifestation, change your frown for a smile, bless the present Good in any situation and tell the Negative Pole:


And mentally you leave and go mentally, and in fact, you left. This is all; you will see transforming the black into white; poverty in abundance; the disease in health; the sadness in joy; On the contrary, if you are pleased to be chewing sorrows, sick of you, you will remain fixed in the Negative Pole where no one, but you, will be able to get you out. It is a matter of will.

Polarizes all the situations in which you find yourself, all the environments where you are; polarize all those who talk to you; to your children, to your husband or wife, your employees, your parents, your friends, your students, etc., and thus you will be what Jesus called "THE SALT OF THE EARTH".

The undesirable is killed by changing its Polarity and remember that


Mastering the Law of Polarity means learning the principles of transmutation or mental alchemy; because except for yourself, you can not have the power to polarize other environments, people or things. You have to start with yourself. If you are negatively polarized, you will attract negative, unpleasant, bad things about yourself and carry it with you, affecting other environments, people or things with whom you get in touch. On the other hand, if you are positively polarizing, you not only attract to yourself all kinds of good things and positive situations, but you take them to others.

To master the art of Polarity, you have to practice.

I recommend that every day, when you wake up in the morning, check yourself and say: "WHAT FOOT IS I STOPPING, IN THE NEGATIVE OR IN THE POSITIVE?".

If you find yourself standing on the negative, for example thinking that you are not feeling well, or thinking that you are not going to reach the time for everything you have to do, or that the situation is heavy, etc. Polarízate in the act! Do not remain a moment more standing in that position, go to the other end and say: "WHAT GOOD I FEEL!"

Do two or three torso push-ups, knees, elbows, stretch your arms, get lost, yawn at everything your mouth gives you and say:


Look up, talk to Your God and say: "THAT IS FOR YOUR GLORY FATHER, FOR MY GOOD, AND ALL THE WORLD! THANK YOU FOR THIS DAY THAT YOU GIVE ME. IM GOING TO ADMINISTER IT WELL. " Do it in every negative situation you confront.

The vibratory frequencies of a trained Metaphysician manage to transform the environment in which he penetrates, merely by his presence.

A Metaphysician only with the sight of his eyes, of his smile, of his peace, of his joy, polarizes the mental states of a particular person or persons.

With a few words transmutes negative foreign concepts prevailing in the environment, because it changed the mood of those present and filled with hope those who were previously desperate.

Within each person there dwells nothing less or nothing more than God himself.

Once you have recognized your Divine Presence, your Immaculate Concept that is Perfection. When you use these practices you will forget the defects of others, those you have seen or saw in others because you will not see them anymore, now what you will see in each one is His Divine Presence that is above all material appearance, that Presence that is the Truth in every being.

In this way, neither the words nor the actions of others will affect you in the slightest, nor make you think badly of anyone, because having your mind polarized continuously towards the Good, you will see that Everything that is less than perfection in that being, is a lie, is appearance; his truth is that he carries within himself the presence of God and this is what prevails.

When you think and feel this way, you will not only be positively polarized, but you will radiate towards that being and everything that your senses contact, Positive Polarity.

By raising your vibrational frequency, you will raise that of the whole world, because that positive vibration that comes out of you, expands into the Universe.

Contribute then to the Universal Good by continually polarizing yourself towards Good.

First, you must change your polarity after trying to change the others.

To master the art of polarizing you have to practice it as everything you want to learn.

The Principle of Polarity used positively is The Truth: the results depend on the practice you do.