What Is The Law of Mentalism

What Is The Law of Mentalism & How Does It Work?

The Law of Mentalism says that:

This principle explains that Mind is the common principle of the universe, unique energy that is the essential force of the chemical composition of the elements. The energy mind manifests itself in an infinite scale of vibrations, from the densest to the most subtle, thus conforming the diverse materials and elements of the universe. From the thinker, what is thought is fantasy, illusion, but everything has a real entity within its vibratory scale (for example, if there were ghosts, they would be real for other ghosts).

The matter is born of thought. The man also creates through his mind. The energy of human thought is capable of creating matter when it reaches sufficient vibrational density.

It is said that the Universe in which we live is a mental creation of the All in whose mind we live, move and have our being. This Principle, when establishing the mental nature of the Universe, easily explains the various mental and psychic phenomena that so preoccupy the human being and that without this explanation are incomprehensible and defy all scientific hypothesis.

The understanding of this Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual to realize and know the Law that governs the Mental universe, applying it to their well-being and development.When we think, from us emanates a magnetic current similar to a certain point to a ray of light that reaches the soul of other people exercising their influence on them, even though individuals are separated by long distances.

A strongly projected thought will overcome by its great power the resistance instinctively opposed by many souls to the impressions that come from outside. Healthy thoughts and repeatedly projected in the same direction would end up penetrating where a single wave would have been repelled. The thoughts of others exert a much greater influence on us than we can suppose.

We must know that "THOUGHTS ARE THINGS" that is, they have a body, they have mass, when they leave our mental body they acquire life, personality, they are an entity that comes into function according to the direction we have given them, with the color and tonality that We have awarded it at the time of issuing it.

There are two kinds of thoughts, positive and negative:
The negative thoughts are opaque, of low and somber tonalities, adversely affect all those to whom they are addressed and those who emit them. They help to surround the individual with a sinister, dense atmosphere that hinders his ascensional evolution in every order, turns him into an unpleasant, unfriendly, undesirable person, gives his face a bitter expression that disfigures him, removes the affect, they make it a chronic neurasthenic, because it creates what we call a Negative Egregore, an entity with life, that belongs to it and becomes its inseparable companion; sowing new depressive thoughts every time, that are poisoning him .


Someone made us, when it is received, logically we become indignant, and our mind begins to emit thoughts of WRATH, of SPITE, of REVENGE and we even express it with words, at this moment a burden comes out of our mental body electronic (in science there is the electroencephalogram: device that registers in a tape that when we think we emit electric waves), that electronic charge was of a NEGATIVE character, and it went out into the space where it found other related charges, that is, with similar electronic waves, thoughts of hatred, sadness, disappointment, etc. issued by other people and out of sympathy joined them.

These negative electronic forces unconsciously thrown into space, take body and manufacture a negative condition entity, full of bad intention, sadness, of pain, of hate, of all negative order.

By correspondence, this entity belongs to those who manufactured it and periodically returns to them and "reminds" them frequently of what hurt them, what made them complex, etc. then it becomes "A MEMORY", and you feel again the same as in the beginning and even more powerful because EGREGOR STRENGTHENS, grows at your expense and increasingly dominates you, making you so strong that it takes the individual to madness or suicide, and this same evil is also receiving thousands of weak people who are under this influence of equal conditions, thus forming a COLLECTIVE AWARENESS of sadness, fear, depression, and defeat.

In this way we contribute with our mental quota to good or evil.

On the other hand, this influence of Negative Collective Consciousness affects our Mother Earth in the same way, because these energies are concentrated in its atmosphere and in some way it manifests itself in wars, earthquakes, natural disasters, etc. When it happens, we do not understand that we have contributed to creating this type of phenomena and then we ask why? Or blame left and right.

Another effect of the negative egregor is that we create grudges and we drag them into our etheric body for hundreds of lives that sometimes manifest themselves in physical and mental illnesses.

Learn to calm down, to understand situations, to improve them and to evolve spiritually, a powerful tool is MEDITATION when you put it into practice constantly and consciously, it will free you, it will forgive you, as well as the person (s) that made you feel bad, do not believe these negative egregores anymore, and if you fall again, immediately become aware of it and transmute it , until you get to master your thoughts, and emotions.

On the contrary positive thoughts sow in our subconscious a beautiful seedbed, and those luminous vibrations that come out of our mental body will touch other minds stimulating them in the positive sense. It is essential to know that with the mind we rule the cells of our body. The physical body manifests in health, beauty, and energy what happens in our mental body. It's like a mirror.

AS YOU THINK, SO YOU ARE. The one that fills with energetic thoughts shows energy before the life. He who nourishes generous thoughts will be generous. He who thinks with courage will manifest value. Both courage and fear are nothing more than mental attitudes. That is why it is said that we are the architects of our structure. The mind creates, has the creative power, there manifests the Divine Presence in us as Creative Intelligence, hence the metaphysical axiom that states:

"Everything is Mind."

We live in a Mental Universe, created by the Omniscient. Everything that man discovers and brings to realization already exists in power in the Divine Mind. No man "invented" anything; there is nothing but One inventor, God. His omniscience (this means "He who knows everything") thought the Universe and by downloading that energy, energy, which is matter, took form. (E = mc 2. Relation established by Einstein, between mass and energy in 1905).

Man, as a child of God, made in his image and likeness, is also creator with his mind. Your mind receives the idea, that mind stimulates the emotional field, that is, once the thought is received, conceived, understood, the desire to bring it to fulfillment is born in the emotional field, and thus the emotional field or body stimulates, in turn, the volitional field, that is, the will stands up and takes the physical body to action, to bring the idea to realization, to translate it into something tangible.

No man ever brought anything out of himself; he perceived everything from within; with his mind, he received and executed. Everything existing by the hand of man, before being made was thought, planned.

Let's take a table as an example. This table someone thought, wished to have it or see r 's done, then he the frame of mind, i.e., his mind saw her, she started running and made or brought into manifestation, which is as it says in Metaphysics. Now, did this man's mind only build the table? No.

Before he thought about it, there were millions of minds thinking and building tables across all ages. Then, generation after generation, the man continued perfecting with his mind the table idea until he came to build it for all uses: to eat, to write, to cut, to draw. Then came the artistic tables, true works of art and hence the mind of man aided by the stimulation of the Divine Intelligence is a Creative Mind.

As I said, the mind governs the cells of our body. Nothing is more obedient than matter. If a person has a sick mind, he thinks that his organism is not working well; If he were doing well, upon receiving the order or mental stimulus, the organism would obediently put his cells to function as his ruling mind is decreeing that they work. So, if to get up in the morning, you woke up in a negative state of mind, and your mind affirms: I am not well.

Well sure you're not going to feel good, you've thought about it, you've mentalized it, and your body obeys.

There are mental treatments to recover health. "Faith moves mountains"; All religious cures are based on faith. In all religions and philosophies, there are so-called "miracles," because everyone in their religion puts faith in the intercessor they use, puts their mind at the service of healing and heals.

The man has an inquisitive mind; he is always searching, trying to discover something, he uses what is called reasoning and through it, well directed, he has obtained great things.

We are collaborators with the Father, tune our minds with Love, that is, with Good.

Intelligence plus Love equals Wisdom.

Wisdom is never wrong, never works for evil.

The Mind alone, it is cold, analytical, used without Love is a double-edged sword, it can be oriented towards Good or towards Evil.
Oriented, seeking the good of all has given us comfort, advances in medicine aimed at obtaining healing and the relief of suffering, music, etc. Orientate towards evil has put in hand the atomic bomb, nuclear and chemical weapons.

Being in possession of this knowledge, we have the free will to direct our thoughts in a positive or negative way.

What we sow, we will reap. The choice is not difficult.
The mind contributes to the success of the individual or his failure. Faith is also a mental attitude.

The mind manages everything. Nervous allergies, chronic dyspepsia, high blood pressure, heart or liver disease, insomnia, a lot of discomforts, are produced by thoughts of fear, excessive ambition, envy, resentment, complex, sadness, that is, the mind focused on everything that does not it creates joy or satisfaction. This is the harvest of a negative mind.

On the contrary, the positive mind stimulates the individual by opening the doors to success. He who has confidence in himself comes where he proposes if he seeks the way intelligently acting with faith and enthusiasm.


A large footwear factory sent two traveling agents to a specific place in Africa to open markets for their product. Everyone was on their side; they had no contact. The first to arrive, a common failure, put a telegram to the factory saying: "Total failure. Lost trip. Nobody wears shoes here. " The other, a positive mind, with the wood of triumph, sent, in turn, the following message: "Excellent market, trip will be a success. Nobody has shoes here. "

The first one considered that people there did not wear shoes and would not use them for the rest of their lives. The other glimpsed an excellent opportunity. Here nobody has shoes; I'm going to teach them how to use them. There is a big difference, right? Logically, the former had a lazy mind, accepted things as he found them and did not bother to modify them. The other was an alert mind, me n you ready to improve the world and do their part of achieving this. It was just that one was a failure and another a winner.

Advice (" the advice, as my dad said, if you want the shots or if you do not leave them" )

To succeed, change your mental tone, dye your thoughts pink, make yourself a nice person so that everyone will want your company .. Do you want to heal? Start also by varying the color of your mind. Boot off everything that is bothering you. Think lovingly of the whole world. Look at everything with the eyes of Christ. Christ ignored evil; he only saw good in every person or thing. The man has in his mind two terrible enemies: fear and hatred.

To make good healing, you have to start by cleaning your mind. Have faith, start by forgiving yourself everything that your conscience is accusing you of. There is nothing more destructive than self-accusation. The person who lives full of remorse, logically, to charge himself, tries to justify himself and by natural reaction looks for who to blame for his guilt. Then begins that soliloquy full of resentment that begins: "Yes, it is true that I said or did that; but it was because so-and-so told me or did this to me another. " And so rancor grows, remorse grows, and the person is wrapped in a psychological tangle of which he does not know how to get out.

Begin today to monitor your thoughts. Be alert not to accept negative ideas in your brain. You have to remain vigilant and as often as you see yourself thinking poorly about you or someone, or you are assaulted by pessimistic thoughts, move to the positive pole and start to think well of yourself, of others and of everything that happens to you. And now this goes as much with youth as with mature people. Look in the mirror, smile and say:
"I am young,
"I am" beautiful,
"I'm healthy,
"I'm good
"I'm happy,
Smile, yes, smile again, thank you and thank the Father for all the perfect you are. Now, be wary of everything your members give you, look in the mirror and affirm:

Today I am going to enjoy a magnificent day. And when you're under the shower, sing, bless the water, bless God who came up with it, rejoice and rejoice in your water, enjoy it and say when you come out: The world is good. When you go out on the street, give the "good morning" to everyone with a smile. He spends all day in this position. When you go to bed at night, take an inventory of your first day lived metaphysically and capitalized your earnings.

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