What Is The Law of Gender

What Is The Law of Gender & How Does It Work?

This law manifests the truth that gender is present in everything; the masculine and feminine principles are present and work in each one of the planes of life. The word "gender" derives from the Latin root meaning "to generate," "to conceive," "to create," "to produce."

Nothing can exist without the Gender principle being present, that is: nothing can be generated without the Father-Mother Principle being present. Everything, absolutely everything, is generated having its masculine and feminine base as its origin. The word "sex" does not apply except in the Animal Kingdom to the physical differences that exist between the male and the female, in a very small region or sector of the physical plane.

That is, sex is not the principle of gender, it is merely the obligatory presence of the masculine and feminine in all creation.

"Everything contains its masculine and feminine principles, " the heretics say.

Starting from everything, that is, from what we call God, it is considered under its double aspect of God-Father-Mother.

When you invoke God-Father, you invoke God-Intelligence, God-Justice. When you invoke God-Mother, you invoke God-Love, God-Mercy. From this union of God-Father with God-Mother, that is, from the union of the two Intelligence-Love Poles, the whole Creation arises as a product.

We have considered the Law of Gender in its highest manifestation: God.

If we go down to study it in the lowest, the matter, and we look for it in its most minute manifestation: the atom, there we will also find the Masculine-Feminine Principle functioning as Positive Pole (male) and Negative Pole (female), that is, electricity positive and negative, (according to the laws of Physics, electrons are negative and positive protons).

The role of the Positive or Masculine Pole is to attract, stimulate, sow, direct.

The job of the Negative or Feminine Pole is to receive, germinate, reproduce, give form.

The atom is made up of a nucleus or center, considered a positive or masculine part and is surrounded by a certain number of electrons that spin vertiginously around them, charged with negative or feminine electricity.

Everything arises from the functioning of this Principle of Gender in the plane of energy. The role of the Masculine Principle seems to be to direct certain energy, which is proper to the Feminine Principle, by activating the creative process but the Feminine Principle is always the one that exercises or executes the active work, the one that puts the creative process into action in all planes. However, each Principle is incapable of operating energy without the help of the other, that is, that in all nature the Masculine-Feminine Principles complement each other. This is how this Principle of Gender works in the material plane or energy.

Let's look at it now on the mental plane.

Students of modern psychology are surprised at the mental phenomena that present the existence of a "mental duality," that is, a "double mind." Hudson in 1893 caught the attention of scientists with their theories of "conscious" and "subconscious," or what is the same, voluntary and involuntary mind, active and passive mind.

The Masculine Principle corresponds to the conscious, active, voluntary mind, etc., while the Feminine Principle corresponds to the passive, unconscious, subjective mind, etc. This method explains and teaches how telepathic phenomena, mental influence, suggestion, hypnotism, etc. work. In the telepathic phenomena, it is seen that the vibratory energy of the Masculine Principle is projected towards the Feminine Principle of another person and that the latter absorbs that thought and allows it to develop and mature it. In the same way, come the suggestion and hypnotism.

By placing himself in meditation seeking within himself, a man stumbles upon the presence of his "I," a "I" of which he is conscious, an "I" that is active in him all the time and that therefore manifests as your mental masculine part. Now, if the masculine gender is present, logically the feminine one must also be present. Keep looking deeper and stumbling over something that looks like the "I," but that is not the "I" because it is the feminine part of the mind that reveals itself as the "My." This mental pair differs in characteristics and nature.

There are those who feel the "My" as a set of belongings, with which it forms what he calls his personality. " My opinion", " my way of feeling", " my knowledge", " my sympathy for what or that thing", " my self"; all this forms his personality, if we take away from that man his car, his house, especially if we take off his clothes and we will see him change radically; an elegantly dressed man does not hold the same attitude as one who has just been torn by his pants leaving his underpants exposed.

Man thinks of himself in this aspect of "me" or "me" as if he were composed of these feelings of liking or dislike, habits, specialties, characteristics, etc. He thinks that he is this, without realizing that these feelings change, that they are born and die, that they are subject to the Laws of Rhythm and Polarity, whose functioning takes them from one extreme to the other.

The "My" of many individuals is largely composed of the consciousness they have of their own body and their physical appetites, and their consciousness being limited to their bodily nature, they practically "live there." You can not think that your mind exists without the physical body of which you are aware but as man advances on the scale of consciousness, he acquires the power to detach his " My " from the body, as a separate entity that exists only in his mind.

But even so, he is capable of making a mistake by identifying " My " with his mental states, sensations, etc., that he feels existing within him andd he will identify these feelings or mental states as something that is part of his being, instead of estimating them as simple states of consciousness that are passing by, produced by his mentality, existing in him. Within him and coming from him, but that nevertheless they are not himself.

The man he can also verify that these mental states change by an effort of his will, that he is capable of producing an opposite mental state or sensation and will see that the same " My" always exists within him.

After a while you can master certain habits or mental characteristics, emotions, qualities and other personal possessions, ruling at will. This requires mental concentration and power of analysis, that work is possible.

That " My " that lives in you can be governed or directed by "something" that is also inside your mind, a "something" that may want the " My " to act or reactions in such and such a way, but a "something" "Who is also mind and is not active, who simply directs or remains as a spectator of the reactions of" My ". This way of acting reveals it as the masculine part of the mind, which is none other than the " I ".

This " I " has no capacity to activate a creation, but he is the one who projects it as creative energy towards the " Me " stimulating it; it is then when the activated "My" proceeds to the mental germination giving shape to the thought, stimulating, in turn, the volitional field to put the being in action and bring the idea to realization thus we know that the " I " represents the masculine aspect of the mind, the aspect of Being while the " My " represents the feminine aspect, which is becoming.

The tendency of the Feminine Principle is always to receive impressions or stimuli; while the tendency of the Masculine is to give or express them.

The Feminine Principle leads to the work of generating new thoughts, concepts, ideas, is what we know as imagination, the imagination is fertile, always in generative activity, inventing, producing.

However, if there is no masculine part that shows the ideas, the feminine part would content itself with wandering without thinking about anything concrete, it would content itself with generating mental images as a result of the impressions received from outside, from outside, instead of produce the original mental creations of their own " I ".

The " My " or feminine part of the mind always produces stimulated by the " I," who in turn receives the original idea of the "world of ideas" where the unique Mind or universal Mind sow them.

The " I " captures there his ideas, which are unpublished, original and sowed in his " My "; the " My " receives them and immediately begins to work giving them shape, expanding them, making them grow, generating them in a word. Then comes the manifestation, the " original idea " of the original artist, the genius, the writer, painter, musician, etc., " who does not copy " but brings to manifestation the creations of his own " I." Beware of people who have an " I " lazy, weak or shy, because they are people whose " I " is silenced in the presence of an " I. "

It is these people who let themselves be influenced by another, who never know what they want, who limit themselves to servile copies of other people's ways.

There are people with very strong masculine mentality (can be male or female), who have a very strong " I " and try to project that " I " into the " Me " of other people. That's where you have to be alert! What kind of " I " other people come to plant their ideas in my " My "? If it is a superior mentality like a Jesus of Nazareth, like a Mahatma Gandhi, or like an Einstein, very well, you can accept it, without completely nullifying your " I" But, if on the contrary, it is a fanatic, a bloodthirsty political leader, if it is someone who wants to induce you to fall for ideas that your morality rejects, take care!

Go to the solitude of your bedroom and reconsider, meditate, ask your " I" and better than nothing your " Higher Self " to your High Ego that is the Divine Mind in you, that will guide you.

After a prayer for help, serenade, let your " I " speak and you will make the idea yours, not the alien, the idea was sown directly from the world of universal ideas to your " I," let the idea pass to your " My " and perform it.

The Masculine Principle of a person gives the suggestion directing a current of energy or vibratory power towards the Feminine Principle of another, and the latter, when accepting it, makes it his own and thinks accordingly.

An idea lodged in the mind of another person grows and develops, and in time is considered as a real mental creation of the individual, when it is nothing more than the egg of a turkey placed in the nest of a hen, because that mental nest It has been sown with an egg that is not its own.

The normal process is for the Male and the Female Principle of a person to work coordinated, harmoniously and jointly. Unfortunately, the Masculine Principle of ordinary individuals is usually too inept and lazy to act, and the deployment of volitional power is very light; consequently, the majority is directed by the minds and wills of others who are allowed to love and think for themselves and most want and think for their benefit and not disinterestedly.

Thus we see men and women become echoes of those who have a mind or will stronger than theirs.

This Principle of Gender can and should be studied more thoroughly.

Here I tell you: