Law of Correspondence

What Is The Law of Correspondence & How Does It Work?

The "Principle or Law of Correspondence, is based on the statement that says:


This principle contains the truth that between the different planes in which life manifests itself, there is a concordance or correspondence that unifies them, that is, they intertwine with one another forming a harmonious whole. To facilitate the study of this Law, the Hermetic Philosophy considers that life manifests itself in three main planes:

First the Physical Plane; second, the Mental Plane, and third, the Spiritual Plane.

These 3 divisions are more or less arbitrary, that is to say, these 3 categories do not exist in reality, because they are only planes separated from each other by their degree of vibration and there is not precisely a dividing line that separates them, but according to the degree of one vibration vanishes in the other, until it constitutes that harmonic whole, its point of manifestation being denser or lower, matter, and the highest, the spirit. Everything is a matter of degrees. A higher vibration greater height of living manifestation; at a lower vibration, lower manifestation on the scale of life. In a word, these three great planes can be considered as three large groups of life in manifestation.

It is what Metaphysics knows as the Fourth Dimension and is the measure used to determine the degrees of vibration or the planes to which these degrees lead. This "Fourth Dimension" can be called "Vibration," which is another of the Laws or Principles that we are studying. This Law of Vibration is based on a statement that states:

From the highest spiritual manifestation to the lowest manifestation of matter, everything is in perpetual vibration, the difference that separates one thing from the other consists in its degrees of vibration. Vibration occurs within what science calls "frequency." Within a particular period an atom can have a vibratory rat more or less high, that is to say, within that time the vibratory movement takes place so many times more or so many times less; the more times it occurs, the higher the vibratory rate and the higher the level reached.

When we use the Mind (and here the Law of Mentalism comes into play), and we use it with depressive thoughts, of low tone, of somber color, that is, thoughts of sadness, pain, pessimism, fear, resentment, etc. In short, everything that we can not call kind, generous, or cheerful, everything that does not help us to feel happy, we are making the mind work with a very low vibration, if on the contrary, these thoughts are of beauty, of love, of faith, of consolation, constructive, our mental vibrations are accelerated, our vibratory frequency is high and we are already placed on a plane of high mental life that can be compared from that of the middle-class man to that of the millionaire who knows no obstacles for your wishes.

On the spiritual plane, which is not the spiritual plane but rather emotional, that vibrates low or high, according to the quality of thoughts that the mind sends, be they high or low, our emotional field in a high tone or low, somber or beautiful colors. These high or low vibrations, by "Law of Correspondence" are reflected in our physical plane, and thus we see that the body gets sick or heals according to the emotions that shake it.

Thus we have psychological cures, which are nothing other than to vary the mental tone of the individual. We see the cures for music, what is taking place and in the mental sanatoriums cures by suggestion, etc. The body faithfully obeys the dictates of the mind, because the body is a slave to its emotions and the mind is the one that leads the baton directing the emotional field. The "Law of Correspondence" continues to act in such a way that our high or low vibratory rat leaves our body to touch everything that surrounds us. According to us, we think, that is how we feel and act.

A person who has a cheerful mind, acts constructively, is sympathetic, shows a healthy and attractive organism, because their organs usually function, their heart beats regularly, their liver acts effectively, their eyes shine, breathe broadly, his blood runs at a convenient speed, he breathes rhythmically and enriches his blood with oxygen, his whole body reflects health and beauty; He enjoys life. It is what corresponds to "Law of Correspondence" because he gladdens the environment in which he moves.

Let's say we know that our thoughts are things (we've seen it in the Law of Mentalism). Things that come to life, since it is energy that our brain launches into space in electromagnetic waves, which are joined with other related waves, released by other people, forming a destructive or constructive force, according to the quality of mental waves that have generated them These figures, beings or forces, have life and intelligence and by "Law of Correspondence" they know the subject that formed them the mind that gave them life; obeying this Law and in accordance with the "Law of Rhythm" (here we see how the Laws work intertwined one within the other) periodically approach us to tempt us, to provoke in us the same reaction that originated them,

A person who does not know how the laws of Mentalism and Correspondence work, gets caught by these invisible, but authentic monsters, with existence, intelligence, will, life and name, and they are called "Egrégores", continues to be outraged every time they come to blow him in the mental ear, the fact that originated his first indignation making him feel hatred, anguish, fear, resentment, submerging him in some complex, etc.

The person reacts again in the same way as the first time and returns to space again the same negative vibrations, which reinforce these monsters and make them grow more each time. There are people who, tormented by a very strong Egregor, fall into neurasthenia, they go to madness or suicide. On the other hand, the one that tries to destroy these Egregors,
Then this force that can not find food is withdrawn, and if each time it tries to tempt, it is treated in the same way, it will weaken more and more until it disappears altogether.

He who knows the Law of Mentalism knows that he must sow cheerful and good thoughts in the Cosmos and then reap its fruits in due time.
"YOU WILL KNOW THEM FOR THEIR FRUITS," says the Scriptures. These fruits are neither more nor less than the events that occur in our lives. As we think and feel, this is how we act, and that is what happens to us.

By studying the infinitely small, one comes to an understanding of the infinitely great, affirms science and is that, without knowing it, it is affirming nothing less than the "Law of Correspondence": "As it is above, it is below; as it is below it is above." If we study the atom, we find that it is a miniature reproduction of our solar system: a central nucleus (the sun) and the electrons revolving around it (the planets). Likewise, human beings can be studied, starting with the monad, the Archangel is understood, says the Kybalion.

This Correspondence Law works in such an exact way that nothing is given to us or taken away from us, by correspondence right. If we think poorly of someone, we are sowing in the mind of that someone or the minds of many someone, identical evil thoughts concerning us. That is why it is often said that the sympathy or antipathy generated among people is mutual. It also happens with distrust, fear, etc. And is that the word correspond means that "correspond," that is, you send, and you respond. If you send in negative, in negative they respond to you; If you send in positive, in positive you receive. I guess you're smart. Well, you know what's good for you: think well of everyone, speak well of everyone, feel good to everyone, act well with everyone and you will receive the same. You are not stupid, are you? Well, you already know how to act so that happy and living events happen to you in a happy world.

Jesus the sweet Nazarene shepherd, also born in the Jewish race, tells us:

It is the Golden Rule that contains nothing more or nothing less than the knowledge of the "Law of Correspondence" sooner or later, they will also do it to you.
We are going to try to give Love for "Correspondence Law" to receive Love. We are going to forgive everything and everyone, so for "Correspondence Law" to receive forgiveness in return. We are going to love one another with brotherly love, and we will all be closer to the Father who loves us with a Love that exceeds our understanding. We will be good with everyone and with everything: with the stone, with the plant, with our younger brothers the animals and with our co-humans which is the same as saying co-brothers.

There is also another Hermetic dimension, already known by the men of science, although the latter has not yet given it the name of the dimension. It is what Metaphysics knows as the Fourth Dimension and is the measure used to determine the degrees of vibration or the planes to which these degrees lead.
The Cosmos works under the rule of the Seven Laws or Principles enunciated previously, and I must add that these Laws work intertwined with each other, that is, studied a Law, we find that within it the functioning of any other of the 7 is being manifested; 2 or 3 laws can be working in parallel at the same time and this we will see easily demonstrated during the study we are doing of them.
We have already said that this "Fourth Dimension" can be called "Vibration," which as you know is another of the 7 Laws or Principles that we are studying. This Law of Vibration is based on a statement that states: