What Is The Law of Compensation

What Is The Law of Compensation & How Does It Work?

The law of compensation can be observed daily in the quality of interpersonal relationships, achievements, and everything that comes to the life of a person.

What is the Law of Compensation?

It is a law of the universe that shows that people receive to the extent that they give. The law of attraction, cause, and effect is based practically on similar principles, because there are invisible repercussions of the acts and each person must be aware of it.

What is the basis of the compensation law?

The primary foundation is the way in which mental energy is used in ideas, based on effort, emotions, dedication, interest, etc. The person who gives with love always opens the door to receive. For example, a person who still shows kindness, the gift of service, empathy, someone who listens and cares for others, etc. What happens when that person asks for a favor? It is challenging to say no because it has been received so much that there is an invisible but powerful force that seeks to compensate what in many circumstances was received.

The compensation law is also observed when there are blocks to give:
It is notorious when some people only want to receive, and they provide absolutely nothing, they always establish contacts to request favors, but they never have something to offer. What happens after a while? That same person unconsciously causes a blockage, and when he returns to request a favor, there is no joy in giving, because you notice an interesting relationship, perhaps this person is not making an effort for personal development and therefore the doors are closed.

The individual who shows selfishness, malice, disrespect, coldness, arrogance, etc. What can you harvest for your future? Those same conditions and of course it is not about applying the correct law, but an unconscious response occurs. For example, someone positive working to REACH SUCCESS (Subliminal programs to succeed) is creating a separation so deep in the ideas that many people disappear from their world, beliefs are very different and therefore the experiences, as well as the people with whom there is closeness.

How to use the law of compensation to obtain good things?

Same as the law of attraction, working on the things you want and sowing positively. Any activity that is carried out, whether as a doctor, poet, scientist, athlete, entrepreneur, etc. You always have to give much more than what is received. For example, prosperity is based on learning to give and receive. How to receive is the effect, you have to give first and do it with joy.

The greatest power is in giving with love:

Some people hold power based on illicit activities, repression, force, etc. How long is that power? Only a while and then it collapses like a house of cards. There is also the power of those who give with love and live their mission wholeheartedly. How long does that power remain? All of life, and even the legacy that continues to inspire many for decades or centuries.

The law of compensation will always be there, that leads us to reflect on every action that is carried out and to give everything that we wish to receive.

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