What Is The Law of Cause and Effect

What Is The Law of Cause and Effect & How Does It Work?


By this, we mean that nothing happens by chance or because, yes, chance does not exist; the word chance is an empty word, it has no meaning, the true word is "causality."

We live in a causal Universe, a Universe that is the effect of a cause before it, that is, our Universe is a Visible Effect product of an Invisible Cause and at the same time tangible since we are feeling its effects. What in metaphysical language is called "First Unique Cause," is what we commonly know the name of God? He is the First Cause, behind Him there is no contemplation of an earlier cause of which He is an effect. No.

He causes, his presence, his being, his experience, they are present without previous cause they have originated, for this is the supreme cause the only origin of all that exists.

Now, "EVERY CAUSE BEGINS AN EFFECT": this effect, in turn, becomes a cause that in turn produces another effect and under this Principle of cause and effect the whole Universe is developed and works.
Under this Law of Cause and Effect, man studies matter and develops Chemistry. Let's see: Cause two metals or alloy substance. Effect: a third metal or third new substance.

Example: Cause: Hydrogen plus Oxygen. Effect: Water

God is "The All" and we, in turn, are "The everything within the whole." God is "The Whole," because, before the Creation of his universe, this Universe existed within Him in power, as within the first orange seed created by Him there existed in potential all the orange trees with their fruits and seeds that they have been born on earth through innumerable ages. Because that first seed that came out of the First Cause only of all that exists, in turn of effect became Cause.

We and with us all other things that exist were potentially within the Divine Mind and thus already manifested, that is, already expressed in matter we form a "Global All" that lives within that "All Causal", effect of a Principle Unique that is not the effect of nothing but the Cause of Everything.

We say that our Universe is causal because being an effect, under the rule of this Law it becomes a Cause of later effects and that is how concatenately life, events and the scenario where we move are developed. It is under this Law of Cause and Effects how our physical, mental, emotional and soul individuality is forged.

Studying it as a positively used law, we find that balanced parents, educationally and emotionally, obtain a peaceful, stable home, where children feel safe with parents whom they love and admire, and thus form exemplary families that obtain happiness and happiness. Social respect.

As the Kybalion says:

Thus, nothing happens casually, that is, unpremeditated, suddenly, because, without a Cause that produces it. Says the Kybalion that the word "luck" is a meaningless word, invented by man to justify something he does not understand, so you hear him say: "So-and-so has excellent luck, everything is going well, instead I ...". But if this person who speaks this way knew the Law of Cause and Effect, instead of making such an erroneous affirmation he would dedicate himself to look for the Cause that produces success or what he calls the "good luck" of So and so, that is, the Effect.

There are many planes of Causes and Effects dominating the Higher or Lower Planes. The Hermeticists know the means and methods by which one can ascend beyond the ordinary plane of Causes and Effects to a certain degree and mentally reaching the Higher Plane they manage to convert their "Effects" into "Causes." The crowds allow themselves to be dragged by the environment that surrounds them or by the desires and wills of some and sometimes even of only one if these some or if this alone, as Cause, is superior to them.

The inheritance, suggestions and other multiple causes push us as automate to the great stage of life. But the Masters, having reached the Higher Plane, dominate their characters, their modalities, govern their qualities and powers, as well as the environment that surrounds them, becoming in this way leaders instead of being the ones directed. They help the masses and the individuals to have fun in the great game of life; instead of being them the players become spectators-directors, they are never the weak automatons before other wills, they never consent to be Effects of negative Causes, they never lend themselves to being Negative Cause in later undesirable effects.

They use the Principles intelligently instead of being hit by them; they are never influenced by Causes of the Lower Planes. Never consent to be Effects of negative Causes, never lend themselves to being Negative Cause in subsequent undesirable effects. They use the Principles intelligently instead of being hit by them; they are never influenced by Causes of the Lower Planes. Never consent to be Effects of negative Causes, never lend themselves to being Negative Cause in subsequent undesirable effects. They use the Principles intelligently instead of being hit by them; they are never influenced by Causes of the Lower Planes.

On the other hand, these Masters obey the Causes of the Higher Planes to that in which they meet, but they do it intelligently, lending their collaboration to rule on their plane. We must do the same, we are also under the rule of this Cosmic Law, lending our collaboration so that the Divine Plan is made, without being beaten by the Law but on the contrary, handling it intelligently as Positive Cause so that its effects on us Be Positive.

When something negative is happening in our lives, we must immediately go to study the cause that is producing that Effect; found the root of evil, is removed and evil disappears, found the cause that is bothering us, correct it by changing it or sowing in its place a good Cause for the Effect to change. It's what doctors do instinctively. There is a fever, this is an effect, immediately look at what causes it. When the Cause is treated, the fever disappears. This serves both for the physical, as for the social, the mental, the emotional and the material.

If your business does not go well, if your provision is not enough, look for the cause, modify it and the Effect will also be modified. That nobody loves you, that you feel unhappy, that your home is hell, study the cause, fix it and the Effect will be adjusted as well. This is called Polarize, move from a Negative to a Positive Cause, polarize yourself in every stumbling you have, looking first for the Cause, and thus you will see the Effect disappear. Sow Positive Causes, and you will reap Positive Effects too.

That's what the Gospel says:

The Principle of Cause and Effect is present in all ancient or modern scientific thought and was enunciated by the Hermetic Instructors from very remote ages. The imminent Principle of Cause and Effect has been accepted as correct by all the thinkers of the world. To do otherwise would be to take the Universe out of the domain of Law and order, relegating it to that imaginary something that man calls chance.

Note well that there is a big difference between the words "chance" and "causality." Chance is what supposedly happens by chance (and this is impossible, nothing happens in this way) and causality merely is the origin of every effect. There is no place in the Universe for anything that can work independently of a Law. The existence of something similar would convert all natural laws into things without value, without efficacy, into something susceptible to being changed on a whim, which would bring immediate consequence chaos

The Laws are immutable and inexorably fulfilled. The Laws work in everything, and within the All, a careful examination will show that what we call Chance is only an expression concerning obscure causes, that is, causes not discovered or not sought.

The word "Chance" is derived from a phrase that means "throwing the dice" and contains the idea that the fall is merely a fall, unrelated to anything previous, that is, it is an effect of chance. And so in this sense, that word is usually used. But if we examine the matter in another light we will see that there is no such "chance" entirely in the fall of the dice.

Each time the die falls showing a certain number, it obeys a Law, as infallible as the one that governs the revolution of the planets around the Sun. Behind the fall of the dice, there is a cause or a chain of causes; that is, a certain number of factors and laws of physics are brought together in an orderly fashion, which impel the die to fall with one of the faces facing upwards.

These factors are or can be, the position of the dice inside the cup, the vibration of the hand that drives it, a wrinkle in the wood of the table, the rapidity of the movement of the hand. As many times as these same factors come together in order, so many times the die will fall in the same way.

There is no such game of chance, but a combination of factors. This is instinctively known by many professional players, and it is those gamblers who live off the job of rolling the dice because they always win. It is a game in which the Law of Cause and Effect works as in everything, being the Cause the factors that concur and the Effect the fall of the dice in a particular position.

It is not a game of chance or chance, but a game of This is instinctively known by many professional players, and it is those gamblers who live off the job of rolling the dice because they always win. It is a game in which the Law of Cause and Effect works as in everything, being the Cause the factors that concur and the Effect the fall of the dice in a particular position. It is not a game of chance or chance, but a game of This is instinctively known by many professional players, and it is those gamblers who live off the job of rolling the dice because they always win. It is a game in which the Law of Cause and Effect works as in everything, being the Cause the factors that concur and the Effect the fall of the dice in a particular position. It is not a game of chance or chance, but a game of causality.

Nothing happens without Cause, rather, without a chain of Causes. The Causes and the Effects reside merely in the events. An event or event is what comes, arrives and occurs as a result of an earlier event or event. No event creates another; it is only a preceding link in the great chain co-ordinated between all the prior, consequent and subsequent events. That is previous events, happening and happening.

There is always a relationship between what happens and what follows. Just as a man has two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-grandparents, and so on, multiplying in geometric form after 40 generations, the number of his ancestors is calculated in millions of individuals; it also happens with the number of Causes that lie behind the most insignificant phenomenon.

All thought generated in our mind; every act carried out has its direct or indirect results that are coordinated in the chain of Causes and Effects. This leads us to think if we have free will or obey a destiny that is already determined. The truth is that we follow both, but the Principle of Polarity that you already know shows that both aspects are half-truths.

The certain thing is that the man can at the same time be free and limited by the necessity, depending on everything from the height of the Truth from which the subject is examined. Men in the majority are more or fewer slaves of the inheritance, of the environment and manifest very little freedom of will. They are continually dragged by the opinions, customs and thoughts of the external world, as well as by their feelings, emotions, passions, etc.

They do not manifest the least self-government that deserves that name. They usually say: "I can act with full freedom and do what I want and do precisely what I want to do." But they can not explain why or where the "I need" and the "like" come from. What is it that makes one thing want in preference to another? What is it that makes me like one person and not another? Is there any reason for my tastes and needs?
Most men are dragged as if they were stone, obeying the environment, influences or internal emotions, etc., not to mention the desires and will of those who are stronger than them. All this drags them without resistance on their part because they tend to believe that they are the ones who move and the truth is that they are not more than chips on the chessboard of life, they play their part and then they remain at a side, out of the game.

But those who know the truth, that is, the rules of the game, rise above the material plane and get in touch with the Higher Powers of their nature, dominate the planes and become game directors instead of chips. They become Cause instead of Effect. It is not that they are released from causation, but they follow the causation of higher laws thus taking over the lower planes. In this way, they become a conscious part of the Law, work with it, instead of being blind instruments.

What humanity in its ignorance calls "chance" is nothing more than a disfigurement of the word "causality." And this word answers the great question of man. Where do I come from? This Law has been made known by the Great Ones.
Buddha states it by saying:

Jesus, referring to this Law, said:
Hermes said:

If humanity had understood the teaching of Buddha, Jesus, Hermes, etc., it would find itself on a path of prodigious achievements and the states of human evolution would be something splendid in the face of nature and life.

At present, extraordinary progress has been made in the domain of Physics, including electricity, and mechanics; but this has not brought any happiness to the human heart. This is because the progress of the technique has not paralleled the development of ethics and aesthetics and the spiritual understanding of life.
The world is supercivilized but uneducated as it relates to the inner nature of man.

Once we understand the Law of Causality, we have to learn how it is possible to rise above the Law.
The Spiritual Law eclipses and dominates all the Laws of the Physical Plane and the Mental Plane. This does not mean that the Laws of the Physical or Mental Plane can be broken in their corresponding Effect; what it means is that man has the power to rise above these planes to the Plane of the Spirit, planes of Infinite Dimension where such Laws do not affect him anymore.

In the Spiritual Plane, everything is perfect, eternal, unalterable; there is no mine or yours, you can not harvest anything bad because nothing bad can be sown. Moving to the Spiritual Planes to escape from the bad effects of a bad Cause, what man does is to deny the bad Cause and recognize the Unique Cause of all Good. When a man raises his attention to the Plane of the Spirit through prayer, meditation or treatment, he puts himself under the Law of Perfect Good and gets rid of Karma.

Karma is precisely the negative effect that we reap by our previous acts, thoughts, feelings and negative words. These are the good news that Jesus taught: The Gospels. Man made in the image and likeness of God has dominion over all things. You can choose to: confine yourself in the limited regions of the physical, astral, mental and emotional planes and there stay tied to the wheel of Karma; or appeal for meditation and prayer to the Kingdom of the Spirit, to the Christ and thus be liberated.

WHEN WE PRAY, WE BEGIN TO GRADUALLY ERADICATE THE UNPLEASANT CONSEQUENCES OF OUR PAST ERRORS. For each fault, or we have to suffer the consequences and be punished, or cancel them through Prayer. By the practice of the Presence of God in ourselves and all things

Do not make mistakes thinking that we can sin and avoid the consequences by repeating a prayer. No. To erase the punishment that follows sin requires a realization of God authentic enough to radically change the character of the sinner. A superficial prayer does not work. When prayer or spiritual work has been so useful that the sinner becomes another man (a new man) and does not want to repeat the sin, then he will be saved. It becomes Causality of goods instead of Cause of bad Effects.


This energy leaves our mind in vibrations, in waves that, by the work and grace of another Law called The Rhythm, come back to us rhythmically bringing us the fruit of what we have sown, and as we know, the fruit is analogous to the what is sown That is, if you do good to someone, those words or that good act come out in vibrations of color. That color, whether it is positive or negative, attracts other vibrations of the same color that swarm in the space sown by other minds and return to you increasing the good or the evil that you did.

Beautiful things happen to you, miraculous things and you say: What a coincidence, look what happened to me today in the morning, what a wonder! When you should have said: What causality, what beautiful fruits I have collected from some good Cause, that I have sown there. Thank my God!And if on the contrary you are hit by the Law of Cause and Effect, that you have violated perhaps without realizing it and unpleasant things begin to happen to you, you say: The truth is that I am cursed, everything I do goes wrong! What will I have done to have these things happen to me? And the fact is that you're hitting the nail on the head. What have you done to have negative things happen to you? Find the Cause, destroy it, modify it and the Effect, the bad Effect, will disappear as if by magic.

It is very comforting to know that God's forgiveness for the misuse of his energy (shows vital force, the one that keeps us alive on this plane) is always at hand for those who want it. Whatever the Causes, the sin, the error, the impurity, the imperfection in which we have fallen, we have a conscious way of transmuting them. Do you know what it means to "transmute"? It means change, transform, and we can do it at no cost.

When people realize that they are the cause of the ills that afflict them, of all the limitations they find in their world, suddenly they get an intense desire to fix things, sincerely. This attraction is the one that counts, and when this desire is sincerely and strongly projected, it receives all kinds of help from the Higher Spheres.

The path you are traveling during your life you traced yourself sowing the Causes, now collect your Effects. It is essential then that you are always alert, planting Good Causes so that you receive Optimal Effects.