what is the law of attraction

What is The Law of Attraction and How Does it Work?

This is the secret that's going to change your life!

There is something, a force, a science, a secret that few people come to understand and much less to use to end their difficulties and get remarkable success. For those who want to learn and progress your life, we will reveal this secret. We deliver it without fear, as it is not to fear the total revolution of your world because you will attract health, wealth, success and happiness, as long as you understand it and put it into practice. Remember that this secret is a powerful key that opens the unlimited forces of the universe, therefore, you should use it carefully.

Through the centuries, his power has swept they've made misuse of it. That's why you have to learn to use it with respect and just give it a positive job.

The Secret of The Law of Attraction

The best-kept secrets are those that are in the sight of all. Read these gold nuggets of wisdom and find the point in common. All the great thinkers, scholars, philosophers and scholars of history affirmed that all person becomes what he thinks. The Bible teaches, "How a man thinks he is." Buddha said, "All we are is the result of what we have thought." Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher of ancient Rome, wrote, "Our life is what our Thoughts are. " The leading psychologist William James said, "belief creates the real fact."

We are talking, neither more nor less, there is a universal law: the Law of Attraction. In a few words, our thoughts create our life. Or...

If you think you're poor, you'll be poor.
If you think rich, you'll be rich.
If you think triumphant, you will be triumphant.
If you think healthy, you will attract health.
If you think friendly, you will attract friends.
If you think with love, you will be a loved one.

It is so. He or she who agrees with the Law of Attraction. It can't be any other way.

The secret of the Law of Attraction is that you create your reality and there is no actual reality. There's only your reality.

Does that sound a bit strange to you?

The truth is that the new model of physics confirms that we are accustomed to thinking regarding Newton's old paradigm, where matter it was matter, energy was just energy, and the only real thing was the physical universe. After the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and the study of consciousness, science looks at everything that exists in other eyes. Almost the same eyes that a mystic uses.

The new model tells us that everything is energy. The whole universe is a gigantic ocean of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. There is nothing that is separate; we are all part of the whole. What is truly fantastic, for many researchers, is how our system makes us nervous and our rational mind to create the illusion of separateness.

In our daily lives, we do not capture the infinity of this immense sea of light that we are part. Our senses and our brains "code" and create this "great illusion," like the Called the Orientals, which we call "reality." Every living being interprets this ocean of energy in the most convenient way for his survival.

For example, carnivorous animals--which are predatory--come in shades of gray, for they do not there are colors. This allows them to concentrate on the movements of their prey without distracting by the diversity of shades and colors.

A bird that feeds on fruits and cereals sees colors with an intensity ten times superior to the one we capture, humans. This way they can detect their food even if they are flying at a high altitude with great precision. A humble mosquito can see the spectrum of infrared, that is, perceives the warmth of our body, therefore, even though we turn off the light we can observe as if we were giant Christmas trees. So we can realize that, although it seems incredible, the luminosity and color are creations of the nervous system, which encodes the energy field in which we live in the way more efficient for their survival.

You might want to think about it a little more.

Nothing we perceive is as we view it. There is only one universe of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Nothing is separate; we are a unit with the whole. One of the ancient symbols of wisdom was that of the serpent which bites its tail forming a circle.

With the advancement of human knowledge in this field has passed almost the same, after centuries and centuries the most modern science ends up confirming the essential principles of metaphysics established thousands of years ago.

Everything is connected we have established that it is the mind that creates the illusion of separateness. When we change the focus of our mind, we transform our reality.

If you can understand this, then you have in your hands the central mechanism that makes operating the power of the Law of Attraction.
There is no doubt that thoughts directly affect our bodies. The studies that they relate to stress and negative emotional states already add up to hundreds of thousands, and this has been firmly established over the last thirty years. In fact, there is currently a new branch of medicine called Psychoneuroimmunology, which studies the an interrelationship between emotions, the nervous system and the immune system in the genesis of our illnesses. So we see how the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction operates in our organism.

Thoughts create our reality.

Negative thoughts create negative results. In this case, sickness. Positive thoughts create positive results. I mean, health and vitality.

Understanding this is not difficult for us because we do not feel separated from our body, by it's pretty logical to almost all of us.
However, when in metaphysics we affirm that this is similar regarding everything around you, more than one puts his eyes upward showing himself unbelieving. Now is when we ask you to go back to the concepts set at the beginning of this nothing is separated from anything. Everything is connected to everything. If you can produce concrete results in your body, you can also do it in all aspects of your life.

Health, emotional harmony, prosperity, personality, relationships, partner... everything is linked to the kind of thoughts you've made.
Do absolutely all thoughts produce results in our everyday reality? In reality, only those who are constant, repetitive and are established in us as beliefs. Those who believe what we call "coherent thinking fields."

When an idea, or set of beliefs are loaded with feelings and kept perseverance day by day, they can "mold" our whole life into all aspects. It is simple, as our body responds, in the same way, the universe answers everything. Change your thoughts and change your life cut the chain, pull out the shackles, sow your glory, create your days. One of the reasons why we are so illogical is the concept of being able to materialize our desires, is that we have been trained by our culture to think that we are individuals separated from everything around us.

We have been instilled that we must adapt to our environment, subject it to willpower and effort.

But in thinking this way we are despising our powerful ability to connect with what surrounds us, to unify with him. That's why the sense of separateness governs our mind, and therefore we think that we don't have the slightest power to attract from our environment all that we need.

So, every time we reach a goal we think it's a simple matter of coincidence and coincidences. The moment you can change your idea about yourself, activate your innate power to return reality all you need, and you experience it as a capacity of your inherent divinity. You're connected to everything; you're part of the whole.

You are light, energy vibrating in the here and now. You are part of the divine, as the Divine is part of you.

Claim what belongs to you and manifest the positive in your life from now on. Practice gratitude for what you already have to help manifest your dreams.

Close your eyes for a few moments, focus on what you want and be thankful for what you already have.

You feel clear that there is no difference between you and your environment. You are your environment, and your environment is you. Begin to see everything around you through this new lense. Daily practices make a conscious effort to avoid any thought of separateness. Imagine yourself as an integral part of everything you see. Projects positive conscious thoughts to all living beings on the planet. Send positive energy to everyone around you: co-workers, family, friends and, even strangers.

Affirmations are very powerful and are a method that allows you to attract what you want. Say to yourself: "I am also this person," every time you meet someone. Affirmations allow us to make statements that are in the now and declare it to be true.  

Apply the previous technique to everything around you: "I am also this tree," "I am also this cloud. "

Forget your body and perceive as a coherent field of energy. Imagine every cell as a little star of light and feel your whole organism
Like a galaxy of energy stars. Try to do the above with the people and objects in your environment. This helps you change the
Model of perception and gives wings to the law of Attraction. Feel the divine in every person, is living an object. Prove with your behavior being kind, respectful and affectionate in a natural way.

He repeats mentally at all times: "I am the Divine light that vibrates in all that exists." This powerful decree will help you create the awareness of unity necessary for the manifestation of your desires.

If you're not happy, this is your chance to change. The foundation of this law is that you understand that you have within you the capacity to attract what you want. It is likely that this concept still seems unattainable. But if you understood well the principles developed in the previous chapters, you know that this power it exists in every one of us. Safely, the probability of attracting what you want you will find it more real if you consider how things are created from the spiritual world, from the world of the subtle, and how they manifest themselves in the material world. The material world of form has its origin in something different from the physical, even if we know that everything is one and we perceive it from an integrative perspective.

This force has many characteristics that cannot be visible to our physical senses, and simply we know by the name "energy." This force is in everything that exists in our universe, and it influences the objects that surround it, with something that we define as a force of attraction. We can easily see in the magnetic fields, but we are not able to detect this subtle energy with our material senses. The force is here, draws and repels all the universe. Being everywhere is also within us. We can observe the results, but we do not see directly the force that is too intangible and is always flowing.

The planet Earth revolves permanently around itself and the sun and is also it moves in space. Everything that exists on the planet is part of this flow, even though our senses seem to you to be all motionless. You're on the planet. The energy that moves it also moves you. The energy that is in the very essence of the earth is in you. It's magnetic and electric, and it contains the powerful force of attraction.

The essence of the Law of attraction is that we can use this energy because we are that energy. We can use this universal force to draw towards us what we want, because the same energy that exists in what we want, it is also in the US and vice versa. It opens the way for us to seize this law is the will and intent. When we attract things to the material world is a process we call "manifestation." What we manifest implies the use of the same force as there is in all that has been created. It is only a matter of level. There is no difference between the power that attracts anything from the level of the waves to the level of the particles and the power that produces that

Your thoughts and mental images come true. The spiritual world from which it arises all matter, and the material world itself make up a harmonious whole are separate but, at the same time, united as the top and the base of a mountain, different but forming an inseparable whole.

Quantum Physics: The manifestation is nothing more than the transmutation of probability waves into particles of tangible reality.

This transformation demands energy, which is invisible but an integral part of everything that exists, Including yourself. Your thoughts and visualizations are your tools of attraction. The flow transformation of the mental image and its application to the manifestation are something that can be to experience when we have absolute faith and certainty. Inside you is the wisdom that lets you know that you can attract everything you want through this cosmic law.

There is a power within you that allows you to create thought or mental image. This visualization capability is the law of attraction that is in all processes that are related to creation. This force is the very essence of life in all its manifestations.

By putting in action the law of Attraction, we do not attempt to modify or annul in any way the laws of nature. We are complying with those laws, our ability to visualize mentally it is the divine creative force that expresses itself in energy within each one of us. This strength is enhanced by joy, happiness, love and inner peace. The more develop these qualities of the soul in you, the more the divinity will be expressed from your inside, and the more you will transform into a direct expression of the universe.

All this force of manifestation is put in motion through your thoughts. If your images you visualize manifesting the desires and conditions you crave-and this is firmly rooted in joy, full feeling, and faith--these creative thoughts they'll attract those irreversible goals into your life.

The law of Attraction is based on the creation of fields of coherent thoughts. This means that we should not only use our thoughts and healing visualizations to focus on our goals and objectives, but we must also be consistent with them. It is no use repeating statements or visualizing our health if in everyday life we spend almost all the time complaining about our illnesses and talking in shape contrary to the programming of our objective.

When we create a coherent thinking field, it works like a real magnet attracting the right people and conditions to accomplish our goals. Without every time we develop thoughts in the opposite direction, we transform that thought of attraction in repulsion. This true zig-zag mental ends up nullifying all our effort in such a way that to put fully into operation the law of Attraction, we must choose a set of techniques that is the most consistent with our lifestyle, and thus develop a daily schedule. But, as we said before, it's not just about this, but we must be consistent with our goals consistently over the 24 hours.

Fears and the Law of Attraction

Our unconscious creative mind does not discriminate if a thought is positive or negative, by putting the law of attraction into operation whenever a coherent field of thought.

Sadly, negative thoughts such as fear or concern, many times they form fields of very solid thoughts, and the result is the manifestation of our worst nightmares in our daily lives. It is, therefore, a priority to sweep any negative thinking just appears. This does not mean taking an attitude that denies the reality, but quite the opposite. It's one thing to take care of things, and another is to worry. We have to create the habit of immediately neutralizing any visualization unpleasant or expression of our inner fears. Many times these fears arise from lack of confidence in ourselves because of low self-esteem.

Area of availability
Within each of us, there are beliefs that determine the possible and the impossible, what probable and unlikely. Everything that we consider possible or probable for ourselves, we can imagine within a sphere to which we will metaphorically call the "sphere of availability." All goals, objectives, changes, transformations that are located within this imaginary sphere are available for us here and now, and it's just enough that we put the law of attraction into operation.

If our goals are outside this sphere, they are not within our reach for more than we strive to adjust our thoughts. I mean, until we can expand our area of availability will not be able to achieve that goal. In practice, this means that we have to work very strongly with the idea that everything is possible for us and we decidedly deserve all the best. Therefore, to avoid loss of time when scheduling our goals, we should think if we feel inward that that goal is likely or possible for us. If the answer is negative, we will have to work first in that aspect before the law of attraction can be put working effectively.

Another important aspect is what we can define as our "personal ecology."

It's possible that what we are proposing is something we consider likely, but there may be a possibility that some part of us will object or be afraid of that change. That would also be another aspect that we will have to polish so that the law of Attraction works effective way.

The law of Abundance and the Law of Attraction

Other fundamental laws accompanying the Law of attraction is the law of abundance. It is essential to realize that we live in an ocean of abundance. In Nature everything it tends to growth and multiplication in a constant way. Let us take as an example an apple, inside it, houses seeds capable of creating trees which, in turn, they will produce thousands of apples and each of them with their seeds, recreating and amplifying and again the cycle of creation and abundance. On the face of the earth, all species tend to grow and multiply perpetually, either in the vegetable or animal kingdom. If it were not for the ecological laws that allow for this process, we would have an explosion of abundance that would end up choking us.

It is just the man and his thoughts that have created misery and limitation. Abundance is, therefore, a cosmic law that we must recognize to give flight to the law of attraction. Not only do we deserve the best, but we must understand that this is so because it is naturally at our disposal by the law of Abundance. Then a person does not have access to what he needs is because he is hindering this law with his negative thoughts. If we don't have enough prosperity, it's because we're stagnating with our way of thinking and our moods. We have to focus on thoughts of abundance to neutralize the tendency to the lack that we have created.

Summarizing the concepts expressed above, we must be clear that there is a cosmic law that we call the law of attraction that allows us to attract everything we desire. This law is put into operation through the creation of fields of thought coherent and is linked to another universal law which is the law of Abundance, which tells us that the essence of the universe is growth and multiplication, in such a way that we have to also align ourselves with this law to fully achieve the goals and liberate all the power.