7 Hermetic Principles Kybalion

The 7 Hermetic Principles Kybalion & The Law of Attraction

The Seven Hermetic Principles. The seven cosmic principles upon which all existence is based are the following:

1. The principle of mentalism.
2. The principle of correspondence.
3. The principle of vibration.
4. The principle of polarity.
5. The principle of rhythm.
6. The principle of cause and effect.
7. The Principle of gender.

The origin of them is attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, and it is said that they were carved in an emerald board. Hence they are also known simply as "The Emerald Table."

These principles condense universal truths discovered by the metaphysical sages of Ancient Egypt. Initiates of all ages should understand and apply this knowledge in practice in order to continue advancing on their way.

Today, Here they are at your fingertips so you can master them and find the key that will open the kingdom of your happiness.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

The whole is mind; the universe is mental. The Kybalion This principle shows us the essential truth that everything is mind. It shows us that the whole is the true essence that is hidden behind the expressions and appearances that we call "material universe", "matter", "diversity", etc. In a word, everything we perceive through our physical senses is spirit, which is in itself indefinable for our human limitations, but which can be understood as an infinite, absolute and omnipresent mind.

The Secret of the Law of Attraction. This principle also tells us that the world of phenomena we experience is a mental creation. This knowledge, By clearly exposing the mental nature of the Universe, it enables each one of us to understand the laws that govern it, being able to apply this wisdom to our development and well-being.

Those who study metaphysical philosophy can consciously use these immovable cosmic laws to obtain the objectives that are posted, instead of being just an instrument of them. This principle shows us the true essence of energy, force and matter; and why all of them are subordinate to the domain of the mind.

Practical application Direct your gaze to everything that surrounds you. All human creation was an idea in someone's mind, this is an irrefutable truth. Everything comes from your mind. Understand it, incorporate it. We can only perceive what we are aware of. Thus, it is the conscience that creates the meaning of what surrounds us. We "code" the world according to our beliefs.

What world are you creating in your mind? Be aware of the thoughts that create your own reality. The meaning and meaning of your life depends on your deep beliefs. If you do not like it, start changing them right now.

2. The Correspondence Principle

As it is above, it is below. As it is inside, it is outside. The Kybalion This principle explains the irrefutable truth that there is an inexorable correspondence between our thoughts and internal states, with the phenomena that manifest in our life. As we described in previous paragraphs everything is energy, therefore the concepts of "up and down," "inside and outside" or "internal and external" they are relative since, in the end, we exist in a continuous and total field of energy of which we are apart.

Therefore nothing is separated, and it is evident that our moods, emotions and our repetitive thoughts, necessarily will influence our environment. This metaphysical principle shows us, without a doubt, that at present there is no difference between metaphysics and modern physics, the central concepts are equal to this height of human evolution.

Practical application Reflect a few minutes about your life. Focus in particular on the areas about which you are not at all satisfied. Think about the things you want and do not have. Reflect on the things you have and do not want. Now ask yourself what your thoughts are, beliefs and feelings about these The Secret of the Law of Attraction 18 aspects of your existence.

Surely you will find that you have extremely negative beliefs, which are the ones that, in short, end up attracting the circumstances and people that conform to those thoughts. To correct this, get a simple elastic band and place it on one of your wrists.

Every time you have a negative thought, stretch it and hit your wrist. This will remind you next time to eliminate all negative thinking as soon as it begins to arise in your mind.

3. The Principle of Vibration

Nothing is immobile, everything moves, everything vibrates. The Kybalion This principle shows us the concrete reality that everything is in motion, nothing remains immobile, facts already fully verified by modern science even in each new discovery, they ratify and confirm it. It seems incredible that this principle has been enunciated hundreds of years ago by the masters of the brilliant Egyptian culture.

It explains the differences between the different expressions of matter, mind and spirit, which are nothing but the result of different vibrational states or frequencies. From the infinite, which is only divine spirit, to the most dense expression of matter, everything is in vibration.

The spiritual vibration is of an infinite frequency, so much so that it is as if it were in absolute calm, just as a rapidly spinning wheel seems immobile. At the other end of the scale there are very dense forms of matter, whose vibration is so slight that they also seem to be in absolute rest.

Between both poles there are millions and millions of degrees of vibrational frequency. The higher planes of vibration dominate and influence the lower ones. If this concept is fully understood, the essential key of the Law of Attraction is possessed.

A correct understanding of this principle allows us to adjust our own mental vibrations, to transform ourselves into true magnets of situations and people.

Practical application Your thoughts and emotional states are magnetic, attract people and circumstances to your life. All thought and emotion are vibrations that create a true "mental magnetism". What are you attracting to your life right now with your thoughts and emotions?

Modify your "magnetic vibration" by changing your beliefs and emotional states. Also, improve your appearance and clothing to adjust to your new beliefs. What do you express with your personal arrangement? Is it consistent with your goals?

Change your attitude and behaviors to synchronize them with new thoughts. What transmits your look, your gestures, your walk? Are your attitudes in line with your goals? What message do you express with your tone and voice volume? Vibrate fully with your whole Being, transform yourself into an actual living magnet that attracts the circumstances and people appropriate to your goals and objectives.

4. The Principle of Polarity

Everything is double; everything has two poles. Everything has its opposite. The like and the antagonists are the same. The opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. The ends touch. All truths are half-truths. All paradoxes can be reconciled. The Kybalion This principle explains that in all there are two poles, two aspects, and that the "opposites" are but the two extremes of the same, the difference is given by the different degrees between them. For example, heat and cold, although opposite, are really the same, the difference consisting of the different degrees, in one sense and another.

If we look at a thermometer, it is impossible to indicate where the heat begins where the cold ends. There is nothing that is absolute in reality. In this case, cold and heat are merely different degrees of the same thing. The same principle can be applied to the concepts "light" and "darkness" which, likewise, are degrees of the same thing. In other words, where does the darkness end and where does the light begin? In the same way: what marks the difference between big and small? Hard and soft, high and low, positive and negative?

We could continue to enumerate examples almost infinitely since the principle is universally applicable. When we speak of "true or false" or "good or bad", we must ask ourselves: in relation to what ?, to whom? Everything is relative and depends on our subjectivity. The "true" for someone can be "false" for someone else. The "good" for us can be "bad" for others. And vice versa.

This principle works identically on the mental plane, all emotions are polar and, although it sounds incredible, if we have understood this principle we can transmute emotions and negative emotional states into emotions and positive mental states. From the Eastern approach this principle is graphed by the symbol of the Tao, which is formed by the two poles, the Yin and the Yang, in constant movement and vibration, transforming due to its dynamics, passing from one pole to another continuously.

This principle of transformation from one pole to the other is the basis of inner alchemy. The perfect understanding of this principle allows us to change our own polarity, as well as that of others. Practical application Everything is relative and subjective, we create our own reality.

So let's use this principle to change our perception. Now mentally complete the sentence: "The positive of this is", or "The good thing about this is ...". Complete that phrase in every possible way you can think of. Repeat them internally and change your point of view, start to see positively everything that surrounds you. Now let's go to a more profound challenge, allow depolarize emotions. Practice the previous exercise with aspects of your life that produce negative emotional states. Transform the negative into positive, begin to polarize yourself affirmatively at this precise moment.

The creation of a positive emotional state is fundamental for it to function as the foundation of the application of the Law of Attraction, otherwise it would fall into a vacuum. It is fundamental to remember that it works when we create coherent fields of thought.

5. The Principle of the Rhythm

Everything flows and flows back. Everything has its cycles. Everything moves forward and backwards, ascends and descends. Everything moves like a pendulum, the measure of its movement to the right is the same as to the left. The rhythm is the compensation. The Kybalion This principle teaches us that everything is expressed in a movement of going and returning, of ebb and flow, it is a pendulum oscillation within the two poles, which we already explained in the previous point.

There is always action and reaction, advance and retreat, rise and fall. This principle is valid for everything: stars, planets, living beings, mind, energy, matter. It manifests itself in the creation and destruction, in the progress and decadence of everything that exists. And also in the inner states of the human being. Practical application "There is no strength that does not end in weakness, there is no weakness that does not end in strength," say the Chinese Taoist masters.

In a nutshell, it does not matter how far down we have descended, by law at some point our ascent will begin. If we are aware of this principle we can accelerate that point. And if we are in a stage of ascent we have to bear in mind that there will be a cycle of descent, for which we must prepare. To get out of the negative cycle faster, the key is to use our mind to form the new stage of ascent with our thoughts and emotional states. In this way we influence the current circumstances.

This is again the application of the mastery of the more subtle upper levels over the denser lower ones. When we are in a cycle of promotion we have to be clear that it is inevitable that we fall into one of descent, unless we use the following key: we must use our current level as a "floor", as if we were in a low cycle, and project ourselves upwards with new expectations and projects. At the moment when we are satisfied and take a conservative attitude, we are approaching the inevitable downhill slide that marks this principle.

Learn to wait for the right time and time, this has to do with connecting with the rhythm of generation of things. It is important not to accelerate due to anxiety, or to delay due to laziness, the realization of actions and projects, since they can spoil your success. Everything has a rhythm, a cadence, a "tone", a cycle. Adopting that rhythm is fundamental to achieve our goals.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause. Everything happens according to the Law. Luck is the name that is given to the ignorance of the Law. There are many planes of causality, but nothing escapes the Law. The Kybalion This principle teaches us that nothing happens by chance, everything happens according to the Law. As it says the aphorism: "There is no chance, there is causality". Luck is an empty concept, everything has a meaning. Every cause generates an effect that, in turn, causes new effects.

There are many planes, superiors dominate inferiors, but none escapes this principle. Knowing this fully allows us to climb the ladder of the planes to reach the superiors and, from there, to handle the lower planes. That is, we learn to create the desired effects at the most material levels. The vast majority of people are carried away by the currents of cause and effect like a cork in the middle of the waves, without understanding how responsible they are for the results they have manifested in their lives. They move like robots, pushed by cultural mandates, mass suggestions, tastes and passing fashions.

They usually make fun of those who try to leave the limited corral that limits them, without coming to understand that the possibility of their true freedom is fully within their reach. Whoever becomes a master of himself, understanding and putting into practice these powerful principles of mentalism, is no longer dominated to begin to dominate his entire existence.

An immense power sleeps inside each human being, you just have to know and dare to use it. Practical application Decide to take control of your life. Begin to create the causes that will generate the effects you want to materialize. Leave the role of victim, start to be creator of your circumstances. Take charge of what you have created so far and transform what needs to be changed. Use for this all the tools that you have seen and will see in this book, make a daily program of practices, develop a coherent field of thoughts, and persevere until you create the programmed results.

7. The Gender Principle

Generation manifests itself in all planes. Everything has its masculine and feminine principle, active and passive. Gender is expressed in all planes. The Kybalion The Secret of the Law of Attraction 22 On the physical plane, this principle manifests itself simply as sex, and it is very clear that from the union of polarities arises creation, generation. But in the very core of what we call matter, this principle manifests itself in the form of attraction and repulsion of subatomic particles, creating the material universe we know. The masculine pole is expressed in the form of activity and action. The feminine pole represents rest, stillness. Without the alternation and union of these polarities nothing could exist. Our left cerebral hemisphere is materialistic and active, our right hemisphere, on the contrary, is intuitive and passive.

When the two work together, the highest creations of the human intellect arise. Our heart also works in a cycle of continuous heartbeat and rest. The functioning of our entire organism occurs in alternating cycles, which generates our physical existence. The mental process itself reaches its highest peak when, After a period of activity and data absorption, we immerse ourselves in a relaxed rest. It is precisely there that the brightest ideas emerge. Almost all the great inventions of humanity have developed from these periods of creative leisure.

The practical application combines phases of activity with phases of rest, to achieve the maximum activity you propose. To find the best ideas absorbs all possible information on the subject. Then relax and allow the answers to emerge naturally from your unconscious. Take advantage of the sexual climax moments to concentrate on your goals and objectives. The creative power of sex will add to the strength of your mental concentration, to accelerate the obtaining of results.

The Secret of the Law of Attraction shows techniques to attract our goals Once you have discovered that you can fly, you get used to living on high. In this chapter we are going to develop a series of practical exercises to start the Law of Attraction in our daily life, either to achieve results on the physical plane or in the material. The secret with these techniques is to make an action plan and repeat them every day.

It is necessary the constancy and the feeling of feeling that the orders and personal changes that we are working on are already in our lives. To see the results in a short time, we should only learn to have a coherent thought, so, before you can imagine, the Law of Attraction will be acting to your advantage: "think and you will be given".

Then, we will describe a battery of methods and techniques, of which you must select the ones that are most appropriate to your times and activities, always in function of creating your daily routine. Affirmations This is one of the pioneering techniques in practical metaphysics, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated over decades. In essence, an affirmation is a phrase that determines with absolute precision the goal we want to achieve, whether it is related to health, personality or material. It is through repetition that they are implanted in our unconscious, in our creative mind, creating in this way the coherent field of thought to materialize the objective in our life.

To explain some of the basic principles, we will write an affirmation below: Now I have inner peace Your phrase should be in present tense, as if it had already been done. Avoid negations because they are unsuitable for the mechanism of your unconscious mind, for example: "I'm not nervous anymore". In this case, the nervous word is highlighted by the mentioned mechanism. Do not use the words "I want", "I want", "I need" in the assembly of the affirmations. Because wanting, wanting or needing are not the goal of our affirmation. For example: "I want to have inner peace".

It is clear that what increases this affirmation is the desire to have inner peace, and not inward peace as objective. When you create your affirmations, you can use if many unconscious resistance-some words allow you to open the way to a complete affirmation. These words are: "I choose" and "I deserve". Also an interesting word is "now", since it marks a hinge between before and after. For example: "I now deserve to have inner peace". The Secret of the Law of Attraction 24 This statement will help you accept the change proposed by the original statement, if you notice excessive unconscious resistance in the form of disbelief and rejection of the original phrase. Different variants in the use of affirmations Mental affirmations To practice this variant you simply have to repeat, again and again with a pleasant rhythm, the affirmation that you have designed.