Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Making Money

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Making Money

Traveling costs money. Money also gives you luxuries and allows you to have more free time. When your business grows, you can also hire people to help you, allowing you even more time. We live in a world where money gives us the means to experience the freedom we desire. Money itself is neither good nor bad. It is simply a means of energy exchange.

Our limiting beliefs

Society has considered money as bad. And many of us were taught some aversion to money when we were young. Acquiring beliefs that rich people are evil, that we have to work very hard to make money, or that wanting to have material things, is in a way, bad. Unfortunately, these beliefs stay inside of us, even when we are not aware of it.

We believe that wanting to achieve success is enough, but in our subconscious mind, we tell ourselves stories that contradict what we say we want. Sometimes we can not stop and take a break. Or we believe that nothing seems right. Our energy is not aligned with what we want. We say one thing, but we do not, sending confusing messages to the universe.

The reality is that it is our natural right, that of experiencing abundance in all areas of our life. We are destined to live beautiful lives full of prosperity, happiness, and peace. Our purpose in life is to use our talents in a way that brings well-being and joy to ourselves and others.

One thing that helped me change my point of view about money is to hear that a businessman achieved the million dollar goal. This was a great achievement, but that was not what impressed me the most. It was what he did with the money. He created a charity with which he effectively helped a good cause. That was enough for me to change my mentality: The impact that our financial abundance can have on others.

Limiting beliefs about money

The key

It is very important to get away from the attachment to money. To move away from the idea that if we have money, then we will be happy. Of course, it is normal to set financial goals, but leaving behind the attachment, that is the key. Being at the service of others, loving ourselves and sharing with others, will diminish the attachment to money. You also have to understand that money should not be seen as the end of everything. If not it works as a vehicle to create more benefits.

The Law of attraction says that the ability to let go is necessary for anything you try to attract into your life. Have you noticed that the more you try to control something, the harder it is to make it happen? There is a reason for that. If you want something to happen, you must release the ties. The more you move away from the result you expect, the faster it will happen. This may seem the other way around, but it has more to do with faith and trust and less about control. When you believe that something is going to happen, you have to be less attached to it, and take it for granted. You must also leave aside the desire to control the way you want that to happen and let things flow in their way.

Money works in the same way. Believing that you have success assured, will make all the difference. Trust, have faith and believe that you will achieve it, is the missing link. What follows is the magic of manifestation. You will be more aware of all the opportunities that will present themselves. You can even see an old idea with a different perspective; you will ask yourself: why had not I thought so before?

Trust, and get ready for incredible things to happen!