Law of Attraction For Weight Loss Visualization Secrets

Law of Attraction For Weight Loss Visualization Secrets

The visualization or law of attraction are techniques that use the imagination to create your reality and achieve any goal you set for yourself. A minimum, but constant, dedication is essential. You must do the exercises in the morning, and at night, you do not need more than fifteen minutes. The stages of the visualization are:

The law of attraction will help you visualize your goal and fight more to achieve it.

Steps to encourage the Law of Attraction

1.- Believe
That is, believing firmly in an event generates its fulfillment. Also, the "law of attraction" has taught us a series of maxims: "if you see it in your mind you will have it in your hand," "when you visualize, materialize." The attraction improves if you feel in the present love, gratitude, bliss, enthusiasm, harmony, abundance and if also, your thoughts before sleep are positive.

Believe in yourself so that the law of attraction flows.

2.- Analyze your thoughts
This self-observation is essential because, as Napoleon said, "the most difficult battle I have every day to myself." To start trusting and believing in you, you must first analyze the thoughts that have kept you away from your dreams and goals until now.

Once you have analyzed them, you can replace them and eliminate them and begin to exercise the Law of attraction.

First, you must lose the fear of dreaming and imagining. Fear is what paralyzes you and prevents you from believing and fighting for your dreams. If you can not even dream it how are you going to get it ?.

3.- Have a positive attitude
With positive thinking, the law of attraction works best.

You have to align your thoughts with the results you want to obtain. Follow these rules to think positive:

Flee from victim hood: "I cannot," "I always have problems," "it's my destiny," "genetics does not help me" ...
Avoid negative predictions like: "It will not work." Do not fight against that negative thought. Simply, try to leave your mind blank for a second and replace it with another thought that is pleasing to you. You can change it by: "I'm going to try it, and I'm sure I'll succeed." Little by little, based on repeating it, you will believe it.

Do not think about all the times you tried it, and it did not work. Think that this time will be different. Each failure occurs to teach you something you needed to learn. You could not assess the importance of success if you did not know the breakdown. Think about what you should do differently next time so that this tendency does not repeat itself and the result is the success.

Focus on the solution, not on the problem. Think about what actions you are going to carry out to remedy the problem you have. The simple reflection of what you are going to do is a beginning for the Law of Attraction to work.

Always think: "I deserve to be happy," "I deserve to be thin," "nothing prevents me" "I will improve my health."

4.- Build your positive affirmations
Express your affirmations positively and in the present tense, as if you were talking about fulfilled facts: "I am very happy, I have lost 10 pounds" instead of "I want to lose 10 pounds". You must repeat each statement 10 times a day. You can make your affirmations or use any of these:

"With love, I start taking care of my body to improve."
"I choose to think positive about my body."
"As healthy, I feel good, and I'm happy."
"I have perfect health."
"I am modifying my habits to reach the ideal weight for me."
"My thoughts positively influence my body."
"I believe in myself and my possibilities."
"I own my actions, and they lead me to success."
"I love and accept myself as I am."
"My effort will lead me to success."

5.- Bring the future to the present
For your mind to believe that you are thin and act as if you are, you must constantly "bombard" it with stimuli that convince you.

Glue a photograph of your face to a body cut out of a magazine or buy a piece of clothing of the size you aspire to have shortly as if you were to premiere tomorrow.

Spend a few minutes a day to visualize yourself more skinny, with beautiful clothes and making a triumphal entry to your friends and family. Enjoy that feeling and memorize it to be able to evoke it. So when you reach it, you will enjoy it more. Visualize your success!

6.- Remember the importance of the acronym CIA
• BELIEVE that you can lose weight.
• IMAGINE yourself by losing weight.
• REACH the goal of losing weight.

7.- Write your goals
Think about your goals and write them down. Enumerate them in order of priority so that it is as bright as possible. For example, I want to lose 5 pounds, I want to lose one size, I want to reach my ideal weight. Remember that you must set achievable goals to make it easier to achieve them.

If the weight you have to lose is a lot, we recommend that you set short goals, something like this month I am going to ... or in the next three months my goals are ... Do not focus only on the weight, keep in mind your health. Review this note from time to time and see if the Law of Attraction is working.

If you need it you can readjust your goals, sometimes you can stay short on what you have written and achieve the goals before, or on the contrary, you have passed as an enthusiast.

If you think you can, you probably will. If you think you can not, surely you can not. You have the control of your destiny; everything will depend on which button you press.

With the visualization and the law of attraction, ​lose weight faster and keep it off. It is time to lose weight with a healthy and balanced diet.