weight loss affirmations

50 Weight Loss Affirmations For Losing Weight Fast

The following affirmations were developed to help you lose weight with the Law of Attraction.

We invite you to read all the affirmations aloud and choose 10. Your choice should be based on how the affirmations in your person vibrate. The important thing is that they vibrate positively and that they do not generate negative thoughts or feelings when mentioning them.

With this selection you will work daily for a minimum of 21 days, although we recommend continuing with the treatment until reaching your ideal weight, making the corrections to the affirmations that you believe necessary as you progress.

In a notebook, you will write the ten affirmations at least once a day and at most three times. The suggested moments to perform this exercise are (in order of importance):

1st In the morning after waking up.  At night before going to bed. At noon before or after taking a nap, or to perform meditation.

If at the time of writing your affirmations, if you can read them out loud, much better. If you also repeat them later, looking at yourself in front of a mirror, much better.

Adapt the program to your availability and capabilities and, above all, enjoy it!

50 Affirmations for losing weight

"I'm in the process of reaching the ideal weight for me."
"I am proud to eat healthily."
"My superior power is guiding me to eat healthily."
"I weigh ... (complete with your ideal weight) and I keep it easily eating healthy."
"I am acquiring the necessary habits to reach the ideal weight for me."
"I'm achieving the ideal weight for me."
"I weigh ... (complete with your ideal weight) and I always have enough time, energy and desire to do exercises."
"I weigh ... (complete with your ideal weight) and I have molded a slender and firm body."
"I feel very comfortable being thin."
"I love, accept and approve myself exactly as I am."
"I choose to be slender and healthy."
"I look thin and healthy because I'm thin and healthy."
"I have complete control over better my weight."
"My thoughts influence my body."
"I choose to think positive about my body."
"My beliefs create my bodily reality."
"I always reduce measures simply and quickly."
"I can easily maintain my ideal weight."
"I feel light and in perfect health."
"I'm motivated to reach my ideal weight and stay there."
"Every time I reduce more and more measures, approaching my ideal weight."
"I meet my goals to lose weight."
"I eat healthily."
"I treat my body with love and give it healthy food."
"I feel agile."
"As healthy and I feel good."
"I have perfect health."
"With love, I begin to take care of my body."
"I love my body and give it all the care it needs to regain its ideal weight."
"I spend several times a day imagining myself thin and feeling the joy of seeing myself like this."
"I love to exercise and feel in top form."
"I have an indestructible strength."
"I believe in myself."
"I eat small portions that leave me well satisfied."
"I'm eating much healthier foods."
"I'm getting to my ideal weight by doing regular exercise."
"I am enjoying a great increase in energy and self-esteem."
"My body is beautiful and healthy."
"I choose healthy and nutritious food."
"I like to exercise, and I do it frequently."
"Losing weight is easy and even fun."
"I reduce measures easily and quickly."
"My body automatically processes any food I eat to maintain my ideal weight of ... kilos."
"Everything I eat becomes health and beauty."
"My health is perfect."
"My weight is ideal for my height."
"I love my slim and perfect body."
"I am a slender person."
"Thanks to the Universe (God, Divinity, ...) I feel good; I love my body and the energy that flows through it."
"Thanks to the Universe (God, Divinity, ...) for giving me a unique and perfect body like mine."