3 Steps To Manifesting Your Weight Loss

3 Steps To Manifesting Your Weight Loss - Law of Attraction

Are not you tired of trying to lose weight without being able to achieve it at all?

Losing weight and maintaining it requires that our thoughts focus on that.

What would you think if I told you that the battle is not on the table or in the refrigerator but YOUR Mind?

The decisions and choices we make with our thoughts.

I imagine that by now you've seen the movie "The Secret" ("The Secret") and have heard experts like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and others reveal how the law of attraction and positive thinking work to achieve our goals and change our lives.

Negative thoughts are in us whether they are influenced by our family, friends, acquaintances, television or our own beliefs. Thoughts coexist naturally with us if you can notice it.

Consciously or unconsciously we fill our mind with these thoughts. To change this process, and be able to achieve the weight we want, we have to "replace" those old negative thoughts with new and positive thoughts.


The law of attraction is based on the CREATOR power of thought. Thoughts create your reality, and if these thoughts are centered and repeated in the same idea, this idea will manifest itself in your life.

Now how do I use this to achieve my ideal weight? Simple!

You believe, and you feel that you have always had a problem with your weight and with the meals.

You think that way and, therefore, you act "as if," then your thoughts confirm your beliefs.

But what would happen if you changed those Beliefs?

The mind can not differentiate between reality and our visualizations. Both generate emotions and feelings so strong that the mind takes them as real.

So, if you want to be thin, can you start practicing being thin? Of course! But this works? My personal experience can prove it.


Men and women daily discover that by filling their minds (consciously and unconsciously) with positive mental images, positive feelings and visualizations of their lives with their thin bodies, they begin to see their bodies lose weight, love, and esteem towards themselves increases and the process are repeated faster and faster.

I hate the word DIET. Diet represents a temporary and painful process that a person has to go through to achieve his goal; and then what?

The body that you have is the result of your thoughts, attitudes and failing that, of your habits. This is how the Law of Simple Attraction works.

You create your body through those thoughts. So what do you expect to change them?


Your plan, and therefore, your goals and affirmations must create a new lifestyle. Your old habits and thoughts took you where you are now, just by changing your lifestyle you will get other results.

Important: your main goal should not be to lose weight. It may sound contradictory or silly, but according to the law of attraction, you attract what you think.

To think continuously about losing weight is to continue thinking about your weight. And remember, to lose weight you have to upload it first!

So, what you want is a healthier and more attractive body. Close your eyes and think about it. Have that idea fixed in your mind all the time?

Let that idea dominate your thoughts and most of all your emotions. FEEL! How would you feel wearing those clothes you always dreamed of? Or going to the beach without complexes?

The more emotion you put into your visualization, the more it will help you attract what you want.

Keep in mind that it takes approximately 30 days to break a habit and create a new one. So, these next 30 days start to put your energy into positive thoughts and change the internal dialogue with yourself.

Practice these visualizations frequently, and step by step you will begin to reprogram your thoughts, and the results will appear!

Start this plan step by step. From one thought at a time and once you feel that thought is incorporated into your daily life, the process continues. What does that mean?

The first step may be to set a goal, small, to achieve in a week. This is just the beginning; you have to accustom your mind to this new lifestyle.

The amazing thing is that when you want to realize you have already changed your lifestyle forever. Thanks to the Law of Attraction I have been able to have the body I always dreamed of.