Law Of Attraction In Business

The law of attraction is a philosophy that believes that you attract whatever it is that your mind conceives. If you focus on positive thoughts, positive things will be attracted into your life. On the other hand, if you focus on negative thoughts, you will attract a lot of negativity into your life. The law's origin can be traced back to Phineas Quimby whose study of the mind over body was prompted by his recovery from Tuberculosis despite the failure to cure it medically. In the modern day, this law is studied by people who subscribe to the New Thought Movement.

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Why study law of attraction

Law of attraction has been studied for a number of reasons. The first is the need to understand how the law works in different faucets of life. The second, is the need to understand how it can be applied in different sectors to make life better. Third is to understand the origin of this law and whether or not it is backed by scientific evidence.

Use in business

The aim of every business is to make profits and prosper. Businesses may utilise this law to enhance their operations. This can be done through visualising prosperity and then working towards it as an organisation. The company goals could be sub divided into objectives that can be assigned to different personnel within the organisation. This could be with regards to increasing profitability, attracting the right partners and other stakeholders. As a business, by appreciating the resources available and putting them into good use, you attract more resources. In Business Coaching, the business can utilise the law to attract the best business coaching team.

Benefits of the law to people

There are different ways through which this law can be put to use in our day to day operations. If you have certain goals or ambitions that you would like to work on, by visualising success and working towards it, it becomes possible to achieve them. The universe, through the laws of attraction puts in motion events, occurrences or even people that will enable their achievement


This law can help you make the best out of relationships whether romantic or otherwise. By visualising the characteristics you would like in your partner, the universe will enable you to attract people who match the characteristics you had visualised. People can also improve their relationships by projecting positivity in them. By focusing on the positive attributes of your partner and the best way they can treat you, you attract these into the relationships leading to a positive, meaningful and satisfying relationship.


Whatever your mind perceives, will manifest. If you perceive a healthy and long life, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Those who subscribe to this law believe that things like fear, bad thoughts, stress, anxiety or worry are the main reasons why people fall ill. On the other hand, positive thoughts help maintain good health and in some cases, it is believed they have helped in the healing process. Positive thoughts can be used to improve wellbeing through exercises.

Numerous people have attested to using this law to improve different faucets of their lives. This does not mean that the law does not have critics especially those that believe that every law has to undergo tests before it can be certified as true. The critics also say that the law is subject to bias since we cannot prove that the universe conspired to make things happen.